[Scans] Eye-Ai 08/2011

I received this magazine rather promptly from CDJapan earlier this week, scanned it on the day itself, but only had time to post it today lol. Here’s the August issue of Eye-Ai! Takki is on the cover, and the entire article is in English :)

Center Stage: Takizawa Hideaki, Fascinating and Multi-Dimensional

eye-ai201108-01.jpg eye-ai201108-02.jpg eye-ai201108-03.jpg eye-ai201108-04.jpg eye-ai201108-05.jpg eye-ai201108-06.jpg
eye-ai201108-07.jpg eye-ai201108-08.jpg eye-ai201108-09.jpg eye-ai201108-10.jpg eye-ai201108-11.jpg eye-ai201108-12.jpg

There are 12 pages here, including the cover and content page. I left out the 2 pages of Japanese translation text at the end of the magazine. On top of that, there are many nice pictures used in the article albeit monochrome ones. I love that pic of Takki painting his face white!

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  1. adidaspanda says: Reply

    Thanks for this as i did not buy this magazine. I was wondering whether kino might have it

  2. I debated and debated about getting this and then I left for France and forgot. So I am delighted you are making all these scans available!

    Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks again for sharing!Glad to have takki.us in my life!

  4. adidaspanda~ kino might have it. u can check with them!

    simone~ it’s worth the keep, for me at least, hehe~ juz becoz it’s in english, and like the only mag on takki which i can understand perfectly lol

    pateros~ u’re welcome! ^^

  5. Mich, I know I should have bought it, for the same reasons… I have done the next best thing, saved all the pages and read the article.

  6. If they don’t sell many issues, there will be no more Tackey on Eye-Ai in the future. So pls BUY the mag if you can. It’s not expensive.

  7. Ohhh can’t wait to receive this from my mom in Hawaii. Some stores in Hawaii will bring the magazine in on a monthly basis too. :) Thanks for your info & scans. ♥

  8. Ahhhh, I really enjoyed reading this :D Thank you so much for sharing <3

  9. beautiful photos, great article, I wish you good luck continues so taki: D

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