[Scans] July 2010 mags

I switched to my macbook today, so I did some scanning~♡

Potato 07/2010

potato1007-01.jpg potato1007-02.jpg potato1007-03.jpg

Duet 07/2010

duet1007-01.jpg duet1007-02.jpg duet1007-03.jpg

Wink Up 07/2010

winkup1007-01.jpg winkup1007-02.jpg winkup1007-03.jpg

Myojo 07/2010

myojo1007-01.jpg myojo1007-02.jpg myojo1007-03.jpg

Popolo 07/2010

popolo1007-01.jpg popolo1007-02.jpg popolo1007-03.jpg popolo1007-04.jpg popolo1007-05.jpg popolo1007-06.jpg

I ♡♡♡ duet & potato! wink up’s has a pastel and soft feel to it, i didn’t treat the color as i think that’s how it shud look. for myojo, the stage report was good but i love that 3rd scan most, of takki in grey sleeveless top! sekushii~XD as for popolo, he looks so cute in black framed specs! :D

5 Replies to “[Scans] July 2010 mags”

  1. Thank you so muchly Michelle!♥
    These images are really gorgeous! :3


  2. Thank you very much for your effort and for uploading these images!!!

  3. MIch, thanks for the scans!

    Tono manages to be still so sexy with glasses! He reminded me so much of the Sha la la PV that I had to watch it again and have a laugh.

  4. Thank you so much for your sharing, Mich

    For this month magazine, i really like all of them, but the most one is potato

    Tackey looks so kakkoii

  5. omg hahaha!!! i wanna buy the popolo mag T&T <3 lols

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