[Scans] Myojo 10/2001

Here are scans from Myojo October 2001, 9 years back! Many thanks to Kat for scanning and sending them to me XDDDD *hugs* I love the 1st & 2nd pages :D

myojo0110-1.jpg myojo0110-2.jpg myojo0110-3.jpg

5 Replies to “[Scans] Myojo 10/2001”

  1. The days of Antique and S.O.B…he still looks like a kid…

    Thanks Kat and Mich!

  2. thanks kat and mich.. ^ ^
    he is soo young.. XD

  3. this was for 8jida J i think… when they did wakeboarding… ah, i was staring at his leg hair in the bottom left pic of the 2nd scan fufufufufufu~~~~~

  4. Kat and mich, thanks for sharing the scans. :)

  5. Oh god, I stared too at the 2nd-page scans of his leg hair as well. *pffft* lol I thot that looked like wakeboarding he was doing. ^.~

    Thanks 4 sharing! *takes all* My fav. pages are like you, Mich. ♥♥

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