[Scans] Potato 03/2005

Here are scans from Potato March 2005. The 2nd & 3rd scans are glossy cards! XD Although I don’t like this hairstyle, I think the 2nd, 4th & 6th scans are nice. And finally, it’s the weekend!!!

potato0503-01.jpg potato0503-02.jpg potato0503-03.jpg potato0503-04.jpg
potato0503-05.jpg potato0503-06.jpg potato0503-07.jpg potato0503-08.jpg

Next week is do-or-die@work, but I don’t wanna think about anything but Tono’s bday first. As the Chinese saying goes, “walk one step, count one step” hehehe~

3 more days ~♥

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  1. Thanks for the scans. I agree with you the better ones, and about the hairstyle. It looks like he stood too long under the water jets of Kakumei. Also the color is chotto…

    But he is always handsome!

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