[Scans] Potato 08/2009

Thanks to Kat for scanning these! Dark Takizawa vs Pure Takizawa – which do you prefer? The black one is cool, but I love Takki in white lying on the ground (2nd pic)… So angelic :D And that offshots pic~~ *LOL*

Takizawa Hideaki Takizawa Hideaki Takizawa Hideaki Takizawa Hideaki
Orthros no Inu Orthros no Inu Tackey and Tsubasa Tackey and Tsubasa
Takizawa Hideaki

RYUZAKI!!!!! That smile with a peace sign is so different from the smiles he gave in the drama… But in every episode so far (erm, 2 only… I know), he gave a smile that made me *KYAA* in front of my computer!!!

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  1. Those are great, thanks Kat & Mich!

    I think these rain pictures of Takki’s we have seen in Orthros are going to be the most memorable since Taiyou no Kisetsu.

    Of course a great many Japanese dramas show rain, the rainy season is a presence, not to speak of occurrences at other times. But they are the only ones to really get something out of it!

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