[Scans] Shuukan The Television 12/2, 2005

More Yoshitsune-sama! I love this photoshoot!! Especially the 2nd scan where he poses with the knife! Even though I don’t like the hairstyle, he still looks so kakkoii to me ~XD

shuukantv051202-01.jpg shuukantv051202-02.jpg shuukantv051202-03.jpg shuukantv051202-04.jpg shuukantv051202-05.jpg

And it’s 1/2 hr more to Tono’s bday (Japan time) ~♥ 1-1/2 hrs more, my time…

Iya, seriously I never really thought of what I should do, apart from posting scans and subs. I just know that for the first time in a long while, I’m actually looking forward to a Monday :)

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  1. Mich, thank you for these!
    and Happy Birthday, Takki!

  2. Mich, thanks. These are great pictures.

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