[Scans] Tackey Times Vol. 1 & 2

“Tackey Times” is the name of Takki’s column or essay in the monthy FRaU magazine, starting from the August 2011 issue. In each volume, he will write about a certain theme, and so far, the images of both volumes have been monochrome, which I find really kakkoii! It’s a pity there are only 2 pages each (and the mag costs $17 lol~).

Vol. 1  – 1930s America

tackeytimes-01-2.jpg tackeytimes-01-1.jpg

Vol. 2 – Summer in Japan

tackeytimes-02-2.jpg tackeytimes-02-1.jpg

When I first saw Vol. 1, my immediate reaction was… *shocked* LOL… But when I saw Vol. 2, it was KYAAA~~ Tono looks so good in yukata, and I’m not sure if it’s the way his hair was styled, or the angle of his face, or the way he walked, or his bare feet… or all of the above lol, but that pic of him walking down the streets is chou kakkoii!

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  1. OMG *faint* he look so kakkoii in yutaka…very35x handsome! *nosebleed* <3~

  2. Vol. 2 is much better than first one!!! I like to see him in yukata too.
    thank you for sharing the pictures.

  3. opps typo…i mean yukata (-_-‘)

  4. Takki looks so handsome in both volumes~~
    I wish someone could translate the content to english!! Wanna know what Takki wrote~~

  5. Vivian, if you go to takki.us/forum, you will find the translation in “Translations” under “[Scanlation] FRaU -Tackey”.

    Mich, frankly I think he looks chotto…strange in volume 1, but great in the yukata.

  6. Sumimasen, my reply looks a bit odd, for some reason “Times” ended on the next line, when it should be FRaU – Tackey Times

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