[Scans] TV Life 11/21 & TV Pia 11/23

I scanned all the pages actually but the big pages turned out blurred at certain parts. Maybe I should have cut them out first before scanning.. sigh.. and one of them was blurred at Tono’s face, so I just couldn’t bring myself to post it. In the end, Kat rescanned the full pages :)

TV Life 11/21
Conversation between father and son. I love them together ne! In Yoshitsune, they only had that one scene in Sanjusangendo, but now they finally can have so many scenes together as real father and son!

tvlife20081121-1.jpg tvlife20081121-2.jpg
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TV Pia 11/23
Papa & Mama look so loving! Love seeing Takki’s serious face, in discussion with the director. As for that birthday cake in Tsubasa no Ippen, I feel like photoshopping in an “e” LOL!!

tvpia20081123-1.jpg tvpia20081123-2.jpg tvpia20081123-3.jpg
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The full pages are all scanned by Kat, and the small ones (not shown here but are in the gallery) are scanned by me lol. Maa~ I think it’s time for me to get a new scanner!

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