[Scans] TV Life #25, 2005

And I started scanning again… also in an attempt to distract myself from the wait for the Kakumei DVDs hehe~ Here is Takki on the cover of TV Life, 9th December 2005 — Yoshitsune-sama!!! It’s been 5 years already…

tvlife20051209-01.jpg tvlife20051209-02.jpg tvlife20051209-03.jpg
tvlife20051209-04.jpg tvlife20051209-05.jpg tvlife20051209-06.jpg

16 more days ~♥

2 Replies to “[Scans] TV Life #25, 2005”

  1. yay!! thanks for the scans i can see tono!!! makes me wanna rewatch yoshitsune

  2. Yoshitsune remains high up on my list of favorites. Can’t believe it’s been so long!

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