[Scans] TV Pia 12/14, 2005

More Yoshitsune-sama on the cover ! This time from TV Pia 14th December 2005. So heartbreaking when Yoshitsune-sama cries ne… but he looked so beautiful at the same time… those puppy eyes…

tvpia1214-01-takki.jpg tvpia1214-02-takki.jpg tvpia1214-03-takki.jpg
tvpia1214-04-takki.jpg tvpia1214-05-takki.jpg tvpia1214-06-takki.jpg

15 more days ~♥

[Scans] TV Pia 12/14, 2005

3 thoughts on “[Scans] TV Pia 12/14, 2005

  1. a heart-breaking picture…I am still struggling with the DVD box set…that’s about $1K…

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing the magazine scans! I really love it, especially the second scan. I love Yoshitsune-sama, I want to cry when I gaze at his big eyes.

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