[Scans] TV Pia 4/13, 2005

Yoshitsune has brought many cover features for Takki ne. It’s a pity I couldn’t find the Sutera magazines, even when I went to NHK in 2009 and looked through the back issues. If I see Takki on any Sutera cover, I’m gonna grab it!

tvpia050413-01-takki.jpg tvpia050413-02-takki.jpg tvpia050413-03-takki.jpg tvpia050413-04-takki.jpg
tvpia050413-06-takki.jpg tvpia050413-05-takki.jpg  tvpia050413-07-yoshitsune.jpg

12 more days ~♥

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  1. haha,i love the fifth picture,funny takki!!i aslo love the hair style ~~thanks for shareing the lovely pictures ~~

  2. oh, that pic was really tiny but i blew it up, so it’s a bit blur haha~

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