Tackey & Tsubasa Concert 2007

This is T&T’s 2007 National Spring Tour a.k.a. Dame Con

Official logo:


Official title:

Tackey & Tsubasa Concert ’07 ~ minna isshoni tanoshi mana kucha X (dame) ~

Dates and Venues:

02/03 – Hokkaido Koseinenkin
02/04 – Hokkaido Koseinenkin
02/10 – Iwate Prefecture Hall
02/11 – Sendai Sun Plaza Hall
02/17 – Ishikawa Welcity Hall
02/18 – Niigata Prefectural Civil Center
02/24 – Nagoya Century Hall
02/25 – Nagoya Century Hall
03/03 – Fukuoka Sun Palace Hall
03/04 – Fukuoka Sun Palace Hall
03/10 – Kochi Prefectural Culture Center
03/18 – Hiroshima Welcity Hall
03/21 – Kagoshima Houzan Hall
03/24 – Gunma Kenmin Hall
03/25 – Fukushima Kooriyama Cultural Center

Added shows:

There were additional shows for this tour added in May, at Yokohama Arena and Osaka Jou Hall. More information here.

Concert goods:

  • Pamphlet — 2000yen
  • 3/4-sleeves T-shirt — 2800yen
  • Clear Files (Takki, Tsubasa, T&T) — 500yen each
  • Jumbo Uchiwas (Takki, Tsubasa) — 500yen each
  • Shopping bag — 500yen
  • Original Photo Sets (Takki, Tsubasa, T&T)— 600yen each
  • Live Photo Sets (Takki, Tsubasa, T&T) — 600yen each
  • Posters (Takki, Tsubasa, T&T) — 800yen each
  • Muffler Towel — 1200yen
  • Ketai Strap — 1200yen
  • Original Penlight — 1300yen
  • Cap — 1800yen



The inner pages of the pamphlet are very pretty, especially the black and white collage thingie~ and the photos taken by Takki and Tsubasa. The inner pages are much nicer than what the cover looks ^_^




Takki fell and broke his nose 2 days before the Nagoya concerts. And there was not only 1, but 2 shows that day. He apologised for being careless but he still proceeded with the shows, wearing a nose guard. Fans who were present said he gave an even more enthusiastic performance, even though his nose was probably hurting.

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  1. keioloveshwanhee says: Reply

    well, i hope they can have shows here in the philippines. Fighting to T&T

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