Tackey & Tsubasa Concert 2007
(Additional Shows)

These are the additional shows for the Dame Tour 2007. However, since the costumes, songs lists, sets, and concert goods are quite different, I’ve decided to have them on a separate page ^^;


05/12 – Yokohama Arena
05/13 – Yokohama Arena
05/27 – Osaka Jou Hall

Concert Goods:

The pamphlet is really special and pretty. One side is black, the other is white. The theme is black vs white. If you put 2 pamphlets side by side, it forms a “T&T”.


The inner pages are really pretty too~ It has a pull-out middle section, with many Takkis and Tsubasa in white and black! I love Takki in white~ like a prince charming hehe…



The clear folders this time are really really pretty!


Songs list:

  • Crazy Rainbow
  • X~Dame
  • Venus
  • Ho!Summer
  • To Be or Not To Be
  • Sora no Screen
  • Aishiteru ze, T&T
  • (Name-calling battle)
  • (Mini MC)
  • Kakko Tsukanai Tonight
  • Natsu no Kaze
  • Toriko
  • Ki.Se.Ki.*
  • Pride the End
  • Diamond
  • Real DX
  • Love Lucky
  • Hey! Listen to the Music
  • Samurai
  • (MC)
  • Koi Yo*
  • Sadame*
  • Edge
  • Kamen
  • Kamira Tamara
  • One Day One Dream
  • Hito Natsu no…
  • Yume Monogatari
  • (Encore)
  • Epilogue
  • Love Spiral
  • (Encore #2: For Osaka All-Last)
  • Ikiteru Akashi
  • Venus (Eurobeat Mix) / Ho! Summer / Serenade / One Day One Dream / Yume Monogatari / X-Dame Singles Medley


Tackey & Tsubasa announced during the show that they’ll be hosting the 24hr TV for 2007. They also mentioned that there will be a Best Album released in September, along with a DVD for this concert!!

*Koi Yo is a song that T&T sang together 7-8 years ago. This time when they sang it, there was a VTR playing on the big screens, showing their junior moments. Takki performed SADAME for the first time (biceps-squeezing song? hehehe~), and he also sang Ki.se.ki. live with piano accompliment. It has a very different feel from the original song, using falcetto in the first chorus. I love this piano version so much!! Ahhh~~~ Can’t wait for the DVD to be released!! This concert has been included in the T&T Premium Live DVD – Disc 2 of Jackets A & B!

premium-a.jpg premium-b.jpg

Purchase Jacket A @ CDJapan | Shinseido | Towers | Amazon | HMV
Purchase Jacket B @ CDJapan | Shinseido | Towers | Amazon | HMV

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