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Takirev’10: Day 6 (Shinjuku – Odaiba)

Sorry, I’m going back to January again this year, as I have to complete that trip log before starting on the most recent one. But dun worry, I’ll continue to work on the Takizawa Kabuki goods and show reports in the meantime…

Oricon Yearly Charts – 2009

All of Takki’s singles made it to the Top 150 in the Oricon Singles Yearly Chart. Ai Kakumei is in the Top 100 too! Omedetou~~ and otsukarechan! XD #80. 愛・革命 Sales: 71,816 (Released 7th Jan) #110. ヒカリひとつ Sales: 54,266 (Released 23rd Sep) #116. シャ・ラ・ラ/無限の羽 Sales: 52,547 (Released 6th May)

Takki @ Shounen Club 2009.11.01

Takki sang 3 songs. I love the episode opening of “We can do! We can go!” (hearing the intro just brings me to the old Jr time~), then the song suddenly switched to “Hikari Hitotsu”! Kakkoii! I really like Kis-my-ft2 backdancing for “Hikari Hitotsu”, and I also love whatever Takki’s wearing~ But he looked really […]

Takki Tidbits

1) According to J-net, there will be Takki in Osama no Brunch this coming Sat (8/29). 2) On August 22, in Omagari, Daisen City of Akita prefecture, there was an annual fireworks competition where the most famous pyrotechnists (firework specialists) in Tohoku competed and showed off their newest creations in fireworks technology. Amongst the pyrotechnists, […]

[Report] 滝様コンサート’09 – Part 1

Sorry, I had to split this report into parts, coz I’m really super long winded, and this was more like writing a butai report, rather than a con report lol… Duration Approx. 2hr 45mins Our Seats 1st show – 6/27 18:00: Arena B6 2nd show – 6/28 13:00: Stands N8 3rd show – 6/28 17:00: […]

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