[Subs] Utaban 2009.01.22

Finally completed this clip from the “Ai Kakumei” rush earlier this year. Douzo! Utaban, 22nd January 2009 Takizawa Hideaki “Ai Kakumei” Promo Subtitles: English Duration: 9min 09s Subbed by: Mich & Bon About this clip: The talk segment extracted from Takki’s appearance on Utaban, to promote “Ai Kakumei”. They talked about seniors, juniors, bath goods, […]

[Subs] Channel-a 2009.01.29 – “Ai Kakumei” Release Event

Channel-a, Takizawa Hideaki “Ai Kakumei” Release Event On Air Date: 29th January, 2009 Subtitles: English Duration: 1min 52s Raw video: nyanco Spot translation: nyanco Translation/edit/timing/etc: mich About this clip: A short report on the “Ai Kakumei” release event held on the 52nd floor Roppongi Hills, on 7th January 2009. MF (21.94MB) *re-uploaded 30 Aug 2015

[Scans] Duet 03/2009

KAKKOII~~~~ ♥ This is my favourite of the 3 mags! I love the photoshoot, especially that 3rd pic below – that stare *DIES* Although there is only 1 page of Takizawa Kakumei stage report, I love that huge picture they chose, which clearly shows Takki wearing his personal necklaces even while performing XD Scanned by […]

[Scans] Wink Up 03/2009

Although I don’t like Takki’s hair in here, somehow his face looks radiant and genki~ like no wrinkles even when he’s smiing~ XD Erm, I think that green jacket is too bright! LOL There are 2 pages of Takizawa Kakumei stage reports! And they showed Takki laughing while running during “Miracle World” (that dasai pink […]