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Ai wa Takaramono

滝沢連合 第395章

Apologies for the rough translation. Thanks to nyanco for the text :) Takizawa Rengou Vol. 395 01 Dec Otsukarechan. The Kakumei-like rehearsals starts today Iya~ just when we’re talking about Ai wa Takaramono, it’s already time for the small box of youth* Now this one is tough And for Ai wa Takaramono!! Thank you ne It […]

Takitsuba Matsuri DVD

Two versions… for now. Takitsuba Matsuri DVD (Jacket A) Limited Edition Release date: 19 January 2011 List price: 6,800yen (incl. tax) No. of discs: 3 Footage from live performance of Tackey and Tsubasa Concert Tour 2010 at Yokohama Arena. Limited edition includes a documentary DVD and a 52-page photo book. Purchase @ Amazon | CDJapan Takitsuba Matsuri […]

はねるのトびら 2010.12.01

Last night I totally missed this program~ forgot to add it to my calender. So when Irene messaged me about it, I was still outside having dinner lol. Thankfully, she got it recorded well and sent it over last night. Same as the previous week, but this time the guests had to show items starting […]

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