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Takizawa Hideaki on covers of Shuukan TV Guide and Sukapaa! TV Guide Premium

Ska Par! TV Guide Premium Jan 2019 issue Released 25 Dec 2018 Purchase @ Amazon JP | CDJapan | HMV JP Weekly TV Guide 11 Jan 2019 issue Released 26 Dec 2018 The final “Takki Matsuri” for TV Guide. There will be a long interview where he confesses his thoughts on his friends of the […]

Leslie Kee shares two-shot with Takizawa Hideaki

Leslie Kee has tweeted a shot he took with Takki during the cover shoot for GOETHE magazine Feb 2019 issue. This is the the second time he posted a two-shot with Takki ne. The first time was when Leslie shot the Takizawa Kakumei pamphlet back in 2011! Just for reference, this was from almost 8 years back […]

Takizawa Hideaki also on cover of 「TV LIFE」 #25 released today

A.K.A. the 14 December 2018 issue. Cover talk includes feature on “Kokou no Mesu” and a special selection of “Takizawa Hideaki x TV LIFE HISTORY”. This should be the final of the lot of TV mags that’s released this week. It’s a rush for all Takki fans to get hold of the last few cover features […]

Takizawa Hideaki on cover of 「Shuukan The Television」 released today

According to The Television’s tweet today: 【Released today! Weekly The Television 12/7 issue】 On the cover is #TakizawaHideaki ! A deluxe cover shoot & messages from fellow Johnnys. From #KokubunTaichi & #MiyakeKen & #MatsumotoJun & #KoyamaKeiichiro & #YokoyamaYou & #KamenashiKazuya & #YabuKota & #KitayamaHiromitsu & #SatoShori & #KawaiFumito & #KiriyamaAkito For #Tackey / #TheTelevision […]

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