Takki Tidbits

1) There’s are new goods on sale at the TBS shop — Orthros no Inu “Budclicks”. 2) There is a new “Daiichi de Knight” CM – 2 different versions – on air this morning, during Mezamashi TV. This time it’s kind of a comedic version, with 2 Daichi de knights (the “substitute role” is played […]


The 2nd round of Takki’s 第一生命「第一でナイト」CMs are now on air! And it comes in 2 versions of the jinsei series – 人生を考えナイト!30代 and 40代. The 30s versions of both CMs can be viewed at the official site. I’ve also grabbed them and am sharing it here only for your personal viewing. 30代, 30s version: MU […]