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Dream Boy

ボクらの時代 2009.12.20

Great to see Takki on TV again!! And he looked so good!! KYAAAA~~ XD Although he still looked thin, he looked really genki, compared to on Bokura no Ongaku! This time on Bokura no Jidai, he had a crosstalk with two sempais! And he was really polite and respectful :)

[Scans] Look at Star Vol. 6 (Feb 2004)

This is the Look at Star cover feature of “Dream Boy”. Then, Takki was the youngest male zachou of Imperial Theatre, at age 21. Hadaka Takki on the cover was too irresistible. I think this is my favourite Look at Star cover ever :) Off-topic… Work has been so crazy lately, overloaded with tasks, and […]

Takirev’09 – Day 2 (Osaka)

20th January We met Nyanco outside Shin-Kabukiza, and there was the famous kabuki actor’s banner on the building. It looks grand ne~ I was thinking, maybe one day Enbujo can be staged here, and Takki’s onnagata face can be put up instead? Wahahaha… Just some random thoughts. Anyway, today we’ll be visiting some of the […]

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