Some re-uploads

I’ve re-uploaded some files I could find on this comp. SC Premium 2006.10.15 – One! Stage Report Takki @ David Copperfield show 2006.12.08 The rest of my files should be in my other hdd which isn’t with me now, or in some discs lying some where in my pig sty. I’ll go through and re-upload […]

Oricon Charts Week 1~

ONE! ~ THE HISTORY OF TACKEY ~ IS #1!!!!! 殿、おめでとう〜 ☆☆☆ For the record, the sales figure was 12,632. [spoiler]Can’t believe it! The rips are out in a… of all things~ a T&T forum!!! *fumes* And this figure… Well, at least Takkuricon sold 16,000+ in the first week. Enbujou’s was 22,000+!![/spoiler]