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Takizawa Enbujo ’09

[Report] Takizawa Enbujo’09 – Act 1

This is more than 7 months late. A continuation from the Enbujo’09 Food & Goods post. But better late than never, I guess. I’ve to post it for my own reference, so this is my super long-winded report once again. Please proceed at your own risk… Shows: 29 Mar ~ 03 Apr, 2009 Act 1 […]

Hanamaru Cafe 2009.07.24

TONO!!!!!!!!! (felt like calling him this after watching~~) Kakkoii!! Takki showed some of his personal photos, including one of his editing studio room. He really loves video production, and often films dramas privately with friends. His friends had asked him to produce their wedding videos (including narration), and he also films and edits concert videos […]

Tackey @ Osama no Brunch 2009.05.09

KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Takki appeared live in the studio! KAKKOIIII~~ He looks so good!!! I love his hair! XDD Everyone there looked so excited haha~ They played footage from Majo no Jouken, Takirev, Enbujo (including a bit of Mugen no Hane!), Shalala PV’s *chu* scene (it was his adlib!)… There was a “True or False” segment too.  […]

滝沢連合 第364章

Seems like Souchou is always writing Takiren while doing his hair fufufu~ Takizawa Rengou Vol. 364 01 May Otsukarechan Enbujo has already ended ne. Thank you to everyone who came Even if it has been done for 4 years already, I feel once again that it’s great to be able to continue doing it   […]

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