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Takizawa Kabuki 10th Anniversary

Takizawa Kabuki 10th Anniversary DVD! Release Date: Feb 3, 2016

Finally, the details are out. I’m consolidating them all in this post. There are a total of 4 versions. Release date is 3 Feb, 2016. Limited Ed. “Yo~iyasa~ version” (Tackey Shop ONLY) Discs: 5 DVDs + 2 Blu-ray + 3 CDs Comes with 2-fold booklet Price: 20,000 yen (excl. tax) – DVD 1: Act 1 (Tokyo show) […]

[Subs] Ningen Kansatsu! Monitoring 2015.08.06

Here’s the English subs of “Monitoring” which was aired on 6 Aug. This is a Must-Watch: Super idol Takizawa Hideaki vs Super rude Reporter! Takki was called into a room for a fake magazine interview and the reporters do a series of rude actions to him. Of course, he was monitored throughout~ and his reactions […]

[Report] Takizawa Kabuki 2015 (Tokyo) – Act 1

Although I knew that Takki would be performing here in Singapore in August, I still had to attend the Tokyo shows! I didn’t watch the very first Takizawa Enbujo in 2006, but from 2007 onward, I have watched it every year without fail. This was my 9th time watching Takizawa Kabuki (and the Singapore shows would be my 10th ^^). I only managed […]

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