Takki Tidbits

1) Tackey Shop has been re-opened for encore sales of Takizawa Kakumei DVDs. The sales period is until 11.59pm on 9th March 2010. 2) On Sunday’s Shounen Club (2/14), Nakamaru-kun showed two photos he took with Takki when he visited Takki at his Kakumei dressing room in between shows. The photos were titled “Nakamaru Kakumei” […]

[Scans] Potato 03/2010

3 pages of interview + 3 pages of stage report! ★ Takki looks really good (again)! That hidejiru flying shot is taken really well (better than the official photos imho~)! And they also got good shots of the rope action, bungee… and of Tono’s butt hehe~ plus there’s a pic of “jin-jin”! kyaaaaa!! We were […]

[Scans] Best Stage 03/2010

Best Stage always seems to favour Takki more :) This time there are 8 pages of stage reports, maybe because there are 2 butais. Compared to Popolo, this is a much better coverage~ moreover, they have some really nice shots :) There’s also a pic of teary-eyed Takki in Jinsei Kakumei… while they were singing […]