Tokyo Walker report

This is the eyewitness report for the Tokyo Walker that was released today.

July 24th, 2009

Good evening, this is sono

Today, I have big news

Today at 2 pm, Takizawa Hideaki-san of Johnny’s
came to the +m MARUNOUCHI studio
It was a photo shoot for a magazine.

Takki and I had a one-on-one lesson and made hand-made pasta.
I felt dokidoki (nervous), but the lesson with Takki was really fun.
Sono fully enjoyed it and is (feeling like) a lucky person.

Takki is a very friendly person and skillful.

It seems like normally, he doesn’t cook at all,
but he was good at it and used the kitchen knife properly.

He was good-looking, friendly, and skillful, but didn’t complain
Seeing him up-close, he was beautiful

His favorite food is pasta and it seems like he eats it a lot.
He said that he loves Japanese food too.
When I asked what kind of food he dislikes, he said “Nothing really.”

He laughed at how his pasta had
“turned out looking fatter and looked like udon”
but he ate it as he said “delicious, delicious~”

He also went along with my stupid joke… such a nice person…
Eh? What did he say, you ask?
While we were in the middle of cooking,
I unintentionally said “OK Corral*”  
and Takki said “Hahahaha brings back the memories ne…”

Takki-san, thank you very much

The scenes from today’s lesson will be shown in a magazine called “Tokyo Walker.”
September 15th release
October 15th release
A two-time series!

By all means, please take a look at it.

Furthermore, I will await those who would like to come into the studio (the one that Takki was at) to hear more about what Takki did and/or to learn how to cook. You might even be able to meet Takki yo. The students who were here today during Takki’s surprise visit were all shocked… and enchanted (by him)…

The students who got to see Takki today were really lucky ne

(Posted in the original blog — Picture of the hand-made pasta that Takizawa Hideaki-san made, Genova style.)


* The phrase OK Corral or OK farm was taken from a 1957 film called Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (OK牧場の決闘). Its a pun often used by older people… so instead of just saying “OK” they’d said “OK bokujou”

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  1. It strikes me that every person who meets Takki not only comments about his looks (we are all aware of those!) but also on how nice and friendly he is.

    Trivia: I remember that movie (saw it on a channel that shows “oldies but goodies”). The gunfight really occurred and is a famous “Old West” story.

  2. Bon-chan, Thank you.

    Nods at Simone’s comment. I notice that too while reading Takki tidbits.

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