[Translation] Potato 08/2010 – Takki’s A to Z

I thought this was really interesting hehe~ The A-Z part was originally translated by Marie. Thank you! Although I won’t be able to post scans until I receive the clippings, you can get them at the forum, courtesy of nyanco.

Takki’s Solo Concert Tour starting at the end of July has been decided. While enjoying a short cruise, he told us a lot, about keywords that he associates with (each alphabet), from “A to Z”. We’ll see the latest news from Takki, such as his work, private life, and favorite things.  =This is a must-read!

A — A.B.C-Z
I met them yesterday. They said they were rehearsing “Playzone 2010”. Guys, do your best!

B — BUTAI (Stage Production)
Since “Takizawa Kabuki” ended, I’ve been kind of  living a life of NEET (Not in Employment, Education, or Training) now (laughs). Sometimes I’ll see the doctor for my injury. I try not to move around much. It’s been only a month, but I already feel like it (the butai) is a memory.

C — Concert
I’ll hold solo concerts from the end of July! I’ll go to Osaka, Nagoya, and Yokohama in a month. I am thinking of breaking with the existing concept of concerts. I’d like to do a lot of (unpredictable) things.

I don’t have much to do with dance. So, in the coming concerts, while doing a lot of skits, I’m thinking of incorporating dance.

I don’t enjoy myself much lately. But from the end of July, under the name of “concert tour”, a behind-the-scene gourmet tour will begin too (laughs). So I am hoping to enjoy that.

A little while ago, I went to Fukuoka with my friend(s) to eat ramen, and stayed overnight there. It tasted good!

G — GO-kun [Morita Go-kun]
For the first time, I went out for a meal with Go-kun. We had been talking about it for a year and finally realized our plan recently. Go-kun does not change much after eating and drinking. He’s always somewhat low-key (laughs). It’s difficult to grasp his personality.

H — H (erotic) desu
I’m H. The end!

I — IKURA (salmon roe)
I don’t like ikura much (laughs).  I am not a fan of its saltiness.

J — Journey [vacation/trip]
I haven’t taken a journey recently (laughs). I went to Fukuoka just to have a meal at night.  A journey needs a purpose like watching shows or playing on the beach. I think my next journey will be after the concerts.

K — KAKUMEI [Takizawa Kakumei]
In a way, my next concerts will be close to “kakumei” (revolution).  I’ll bring on a revolution this time too! (laughs)

L — L size
I am not bragging, but I’ve never worn L size clothes.

M — M size
Basically, my clothes size is M size (laughs). Sometimes, depending on the clothes, I take S size. I order M size portion for food too.

N — News
I am very much interested in politics, so whenever there is a movement, I’ll turn on the news. Politics is like a reality drama. You don’t know what will happen next. Well, it’s just like a day-time soap opera (laughs). I shouldn’t be so amused by it, but I always keep an eye on the news to grasp the present situation in Japan.

Now I am thinking of something interesting to present while being on-air for my radio show. I’ll tell you the details later (laughs).

P — YamaP [Yamashita Tomohisa]
I haven’t seen him lately, but I am wondering how he is doing. However, Yamapi’s Mom called me and we talked on the phone for about 2 hours. I don’t know why, but we are good friends for a long time (laughs).

Recently we had BBQ in the garden of my friend’s house. It was very nice. I like a house with a garden!

R — Ramen
I like tonkotsu (pork bone) or shoyu tonkotsu (soy sauce pork bone) flavor. I wonder why some people only order fried rice at a ramen shop. I guess they like fried rice made by a ramen shop.

S — Super market
I found a supermarket where you can check out  by yourself at the cash register, so I went back there to try. I bought a basketful of merchandise and went to check out only to find that the system was gone…

T — TAKIZAWA desu!

U — Uchi Hiroki
I wonder how Uchi is doing. Once or twice a year, he sends me mails. Before stuff like butais, he writes things like “Wish you good luck!”. He is rather diligent.

V — Vitamins
I don’t care much about them. I do not take supplements. I’m fine, so it’s OK, isn’t it?!

W — Weakpoint
I don’t like deafening sounds. I am so afraid of the moment when there is a “Baa-mm” sound during concerts. Even though I know when it’s coming, I still get frightened, so I make a turn so that people will not notice. I don’t even like the sound of a balloon popping.

X — X [batsu] (no good)
Girls who cannot respectfully behave in front of older people. They totally deserve a “X”.

Y — YARA-ranger
Because I had never worked with him intensively before, I did not know his mood at work, so I was wondering how it was. But when I asked him to become “Yara Ranger” for the special production of “Takizawa Kabuki” for children, he was unexpectedly so willing to go along. Everybody was surprised at how willing he was. He was 100% willing from the practice sessions (laughs).

Z — Zasshi [magazine]
Please remember the energetic Potato magazine for stars and you! (laughs)

There’s also a short misc. article where Takki talks about “sleep”.

Envious of people who can fall asleep immediately

I wish I can fall asleep easily. There are people who can fall asleep the moment they lie down, aren’t there? I’m envious of such people. For me, it takes time in the first place for my sleeping position to be decided. Once I think that a position is perhaps slightly wrong… I would already be uneasy about everything and won’t be able to sleep. I want to become a person who can be asleep at the count of 3.

Wow~ I didn’t know Takki and P’s mom were so close. And the part about “Super market” — I remember the incident with the cash register that he mentioned on Denpajo. So he went back again and it’s gone? lol! I love his “T for Takizawa” too…

But I think the ultimate winner is still “H”! <3333

And when it comes to falling asleep, I think I have the same problem as Takki. I think it’s to do with being unable to clear the mind. Anyway, I also understand how he feels as a NEET, coz I’m still one now lol…

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this.. I like it… ;D

  2. I also have that “sleeping problem” lately…And I have to listen to the music in the bed for nearly 2 hours…lol

  3. Thank you for this! It’s fun!!
    I hope you find your NEET neat. It ‘s good to have time to think instead of just running around going crazy. But good luck on getting a job of your dreams too.
    I guess I’m the kind that Takki envies. Before I know it, I’m already asleep. But I actually don’t want to sleep so quickly. I want a little time before sleep to do a visualisation exercise (you know the self-help kind), so that when I sleep, my subconscious could work on realising what I hope to actualise. LOL. Sound like a chunk of hocus pocus, ne?

  4. Very interesting to read. And fun too [H!!! Lol]

    I would like to second “AA”‘s comment. I think problems with falling asleep is indeed mostly inability to clear your mind. However, I will add that if things are bothering me, then I wake up in the middle of the night , start worrying, and cannot go back to sleep!

    It sounds like Takki’s concerts are going to be fun, different, and original.

    My best wishes are still with you, I hope you are not a NEET too much longer.

  5. I just knew that Tackey and P ‘s mama are close friend.

    BUT I feel Tackey likes P’s papa coz he always talks about P

    and P talks about Tackey also

  6. Thank you marie and thank you mich.

    When I read this translation, I feel really happy because I will know how takki feel about each thing.

    But it would be nice if english alphabet will be more than 26.

  7. I’m like Takki in a way too, in that, I always have inability to fall asleep right away, esp. in places that’s not my own bed. lol (i.e. hotel rooms, etc.) I’m like my mother in the same respect.

    And “H”…lol Lovely. ♥_♥ @,@ I’d love to see him ‘erotic’ more…*runs*

    Omg, I’m the saaaame w/him when it comes to vitamins! lol ‘Til this day, I don’t take any. I know I should but…oh well. lol :P

    And I second the motion w/Tono on “X”. *hi-5 Takki*

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