[Translation] Wink Up 10/2010

I always enjoy reading the article titles because they barely make any sense and almost never have anything to do with the actual interview topic. As for this particular title… I can’t stop reading it with a ‘z’ as in “FOR REALZ?!” XD Anyway, hope you guys enjoy~ Original translation by Marie (arigatou!) and edited by Mich and Bon.

Takizawa Hideaki – For Real

The delinquent side in Taki Ranger. Once again at his solo concert, Takki has displayed various forms of himself. This month, we asked about the behind-the-scenes story of the dokkiri* that was placed on Mis Snow Man, whom were also featured in this concert.

The recent solo con at Yokohama has ended safely. This time, Mis-Snow-Man of Johnny’s Jr’s supported me from behind [backdanced for me]. Have you watched Taki Channel? In a Taki Channel scheme, we got them pretty startled. As to what kind of dokkiri it was, it seems like they’ve discussed the details of it on their webpage but apart from that, I’ll also be talking about what happened behind the scenes.

They [Mis Snow Man] are so serious. I couldn’t find any of their flaws. They take rehearsals seriously, and try their best to do whatever is given to them. One of the important jobs of Johnny’s Jr’s is to put away senpais’ costumes, so in this dokkiri project, we decided to see if they can do their jobs properly even when they are in a panic situation (laughs).

We planned in detail. Three staff members even came to Osaka for this project (laughs). Mis Snow Man seem to have said that this project started after the color ball incident**, but they are too naive (laughs). Before the tour began, there was an open rehearsal, and this project had already started since then. No cameras were filming, but I prepared by occasionally scolding Mis Snow Man (laughs). For example, I said things like “Be prepared to be able to (even without words) communicate through eye contact. Otherwise you won’t be able to react accordingly during urgent situations,” and “You’re being referred to as Mis Snow Man now, but when you’re capable of doing this, you will, for the first time, officially be Mis Snow Man,” and stuff like that which didn’t make too much sense (laughs). From there, little by little, I began planting the seeds of this operation.

But preparations did not just end there. There was a whole day of meeting for the project. I asked the concert staff to come in for a meeting and explained the plan to them. Oh, they were so excited! I gave them the script and talked about the cues. We needed cooperation from the camera and sound staff too. Moreover, it had to be carried out secretively. Therefore, I was so careful that I even asked the staff, “When I ask you to stop the sound, please don’t do it immediately. If I don’t say ‘Stop!’ at least three times, it will seem dubious.” Eh? You think I was too into it? It can’t be helped. This is my job. It’s my job, my job! (laughs). The most problematic point was, like I’ve mentioned in the beginning, that they are really serious and I couldn’t find anything about them that I could get mad about (laughs). I desperately thought of what to do. Finally, I thought up a situation where Mis Snow Man were asked to put on strange wigs and I would become angry about it.

When we revealed it was a dokkiri prank, 7 out of 8 members cried. Jeez, they cried too much! I was surprised that they cried so much. When I asked them later on, they said the reason for their tears was not “frustration” or “sadness”, but “relief.” It shows you how pure they are. I feel a little guilty, but no, no, on the contrary, I think I did a good thing by showing Mis Snow Man’s fans their seriousness and pureness (laughs). What? What happened to their mission [to pick up the wig]? One of them unconsciously picked up the regent style wig that I had thrown on the floor in a fit of rage, and held it tightly to his chest (laughs). Indeed, they are very good boys (laughs). I am planning various projects for Taki-CHANnel. Other Jr. members should not feel relieved, thinking that there are no more dokkiri projects.

* Dokkiri refers to a candid camera prank that causes whoever is being pranked on to be very startled at the end.

** [Previous prank made on Taki Channel where Takki pretended to complain bitterly about color balls to scare Mis Snow Man]

[Translation] Wink Up 10/2010

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  1. yeah, i think takki’s really good at this. i think he must have rehearsed it many times with the staff, coz it was FLAWLESS! lol~ he should really have a regular tv program of his own! if only this dokkiri episode was shown on tv in japan…

  2. Mich, I know ne…I agree w/you on him having his own tv program too, esp. one w/doing pranks to the guests. That would be fun to watch! :D

    I agree w/Avery in that, he really is such a serious prankster. He cracks me up everytime I read what he does. lol

    Thanks 4 this everyone!

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