TV Guide 6.19.2009

If you missed the scans, you can find them here~

Finally, the first interview between “God” and the “Evil,”
Dark Takizawa and Angel Nishikido

「We’re revealing the poster and photo shoot of Takizawa Hideaki and Nishikido Ryo’s first collaboration drama, Orthros no Inu. Since the crank-in, the demon Ryuuzaki Shinji (Takizawa) who has the healing hands of God and the angel Aoi Ryousuke (Nishikido) who has the murderous hands of the Devil have started to quickly embrace their roles.

Takizawa-kun and Nishikido-kun were at a shoot where they were told to lift and pose with their hands (because their hands play an important role in this drama). The objective was to express a secret that is kept inside them, so they were each told to face the camera with their own different expressions.

In Takizawa-kun’s enthusiastic performance, he gave the strong impression of a charismatic, yet mysterious man. During the shoot, he was able to keep his face, pose and the atmosphere of the studio very intense. When the shoot ended, the staff said “That was very good ne” and Takki’s face lit up in a smile – his facial expression completely different from what it was a minute ago.

Meanwhile, Nishikido-kun, who’s character despises his own powers, presents himself with a sad expression. But when the staff said “try to look even sadder,” he smiled shyly and said “but its a little embarassing…”

The confrontation between Ryuuzaki and Aoi, who meet each other through a checkered destiny. The battle between them is coming soon!! 」

sugoi ne, Takki~ after watching this season’s Make Me a Supermodel, i have gained a lot of respect for models. Its a gift to be photogenic and to be talented enough to express strong emotions through your eyes…


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  1. thank you for the translations!
    Takki’s acting skill is sugoi!! a charismatic and mysterious man, ^O^
    btw, i also like that modeling show ne bon-chan, but still didn’t watch the final,my fav/ is johnathan, hope he wins..

  2. bon-chan,

    you’ve been working hard lately… ^^
    thanks a lot for sharing ne~~ :)

  3. really!? ureshii~~ finally, someone who also watches bravo shows!
    my favorite was Mountaha… tho she didnt make it to the finale vv

  4. bon-chan,
    Thanks so much for sharing. I am looking forward to this drama.

  5. Bon-chan……thanks for the translation. Your handwork is highly appreciated….

  6. Bon-chan….thanks so much for this translation.

  7. Thanks for the translation!

    Surprise, surprise, Takki’s acting skills! Well, none of us ever doubted them…and of course he is charismatic, which is why he is the obvious choice for such roles (i.e. Yoshitsune).

    Bon-chan, I agree, it is one thing to look good, and quite another to pose and be expressive.

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