滝様コンサート’09 パンフ 言葉

In the Takisama Concert’09 pamphlet, there are a few pages where keywords are splashed across the page in different font sizes. Beside each keyword is Takki’s impression of the word, and underneath it is Takki’s comment. Here is a translation of this entire section. Enjoy~


Sea: Wide!
After I’ve safely finished an important job, I always go to the sea to refresh myself as a form of self-reward.

Forest : Not a very green place (laughs)
The place where I grew up was not so much a forest, but the mountains. I never really had the chance to purposely go into the forest to play… But recently, forests have been disappearing on a global scale, right? When I hear things like that, I think that things definitely can’t stay this way.

Wind : Nature
In the summer, whenever I visited my Grandma’s house, even if the air conditioner hadn’t been turned on, natural wind would blow in and it felt really good. I love it when I could feel the wind blowing against me as I laid down on the tatami.

Sky : Something to connect with
The sky was the theme for the lyrics of “Mugen no Hane”, a song that was released in a single just this year. “It’d be nice if no matter where you are, if you look up at the same sky you can feel that connection” was what I was trying to convey as I wrote it.

Atmosphere : Let’s try to read it (laughs)
I dislike people who can’t read the atmosphere of an occasion or situation. Occasionally, there are times when I feel disappointed when I see someone, whom I think is normally a good person, do something that’s KY. It’s not a good thing ne, being KY.

Food : Nattou!
Nattou on rice is my standard for breakfast. Japanese food is for sure the best, don’t you agree? I think I would feel extremely disappointed if the girl I like makes me something like bread for breakfast (laughs).

Email : Business communication
In my Johnny’s Web series, I use a lot of emoticons, but in private, I keep it really simple and because of that, it seems like I don’t send anything but emails that look business-related.

Smell : Fantasize
If I get in an elevator and smell something nice, I would imagine that “a very beautiful person must’ve been in the elevator a minute ago” (laughs). That’s the kind of power that fragrances have on men to make us feel doki doki!

Letter : “Tegami”
For the premium track in the single “Shalala”, I composed a song called “Tegami”. It’s a letter to my fans. I wanted to deliver my feelings to everyone in a straightforward and real way.

Friends : Important
I have a lot of good friends that surround me. If one of my friends is in trouble, I would (without a doubt) immediately rush over to help. Because all of us would be willing to help with everything that we can offer. I think the depth of this bond is the strongest. Those with that kind of passion are the people that I like the most.

Overseas vacation : Vacation and Work
Some time ago, I went on a vacation to Guam. I spent a carefree afternoon by the sea and at night, I opened up my laptop and worked on concert preparations in my hotel room. The entire time, the staff (in Japan) and I were emailing each other back and forth, so it didn’t really feel like I was overseas (laughs). But a change in environment gave birth to a lot of good inspirations, so I can also work this way!

Music : Composing songs
Recently, I’ve been continuing to use my piano to compose songs. It’d be nice if I could present as much of them to everyone as possible.

Color : Pink
In the Jr days, I didn’t like the pink outfits that we had. “Why do we have to wear pink even though we’re guys!?”, I thought. But when I became an adult, I suddenly started to like pink. Even to the extent where we were having a meeting about the outfits (for the concert), I said “Why isn’t this pink?”. This time, the stage opening will also be in a dramatic shocking pink.

Stage play : Life
I think for humans, everyone is performing in a stage play called life. I think it’s an important thing to think “How am I going to present myself on stage?”. When you’re young, there’ll be many times when you will slip and fall on the slippery stage (laughs). But it’d be good if you could overcome it all and steadily grow (from those mistakes).

Women : I love them yo ♥
I don’t think I need to explain this ne… As above! (laughs)

Fans : A long relationship
Let’s take the time to bond as we continue to motivate each other ♥

Love : An endless maze
In this world, there is a thing called “separation” but beyond that, I think there is definitely an exit to the maze called love. However, without heading towards that exit, the pair should find their way (through compromise and say), “Let’s try going this way” or “Let’s try and go back to where we left off.” One way or another, I think it’s important to yield and to continue (going through) this maze.

Relax : A bath
Basically, I like to properly soak myself in a tub of hot water. It relieves both my mind and my fatigue all at once.

Dream : Something that I have a day before a job.
A day before I have to do a huge performance, I always have dreams of myself doing that performance. During the period when I was shooting a taiga drama, I only dreamt about riding horses and sword fighting (laughs). That was how much (of my feelings) I’ve invested into that job.

Juniors : Serious
They’re really working hard to properly execute what they’re trying to do, aren’t they?

Favorites : Golf!
I’ve always had an interest in golf, so after finishing a stage play, I bought a golf set as a reward to myself, and also made my first golf debut. It’s more fun than I expected it to be! (I’m so interested in it that) I want to get on a golf course right now (laughs).

Kouhai : Working hard
Including the Jr. kids, everyone of my kouhais are working hard, so I feel they’re reliable (and promising).

Loneliness : Unknown world
True loneliness is when you have everything, yet you still feel like that’s not what you want. At least, I think its weird that young people are saying “I am lonely.” Your life has just begun!

Smiling face : I love it
The smiling face of a woman is absolutely wonderful ne. Especially when I see a girl’s face crumple up as she laughs. That’s when I think “That’s the smile (that I love)!” (laughs)

Senpai : Surprisingly few connections
A lot of the time, I get to meet my senpais at various job settings, but we hardly get to work together. Some time ago, during “Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei,” I got to work with Nishikiori-san, but that’s probably the first time (I’ve worked with a senpai).

Originality : Radio show “Takki’s Takizawa Denpajou”
When I enter the booth and chat in a space where no one can see me, I get the feeling that a different me comes out.

Recently : Golf
A lot of the time, salarymen would practice their swinging at the train stations, wouldn’t they? Previously, I thought “I wonder why they do that?”. But now, I completely understand why. Even if it’s just for a little while, practicing makes you better at it. So recently, even I have started to practice my swings during recording intermissions.

Pictures : A lot of memories
I really like to take pictures. I like how it’s able to capture a particular moment and lock it away forever. An enormous amount of memories can also be crammed into just one single photo.

Morning : Not the time to be laid back
On the days that I have work, I just take a quick shower before immediately heading out. On my days off, I usually sleep in until noon, so it’s like there’s no such thing as a “morning.” (laughs)

Night : Time to be laid back
When I get home, I check my email and watch a little bit of the news. And most of the time, I would do absolutely nothing before going to bed.

Time : Not enough of it!
Recently, there are too many things that I want to do and things that I have to do. 24 hours in a day is just not enough. Fundamentally, I’m not the type that likes to carry the things that I should’ve done that day over to the next day. So a lot of the time, as I’m working on this and that, (before I even realize it) it would already be midnight or the morning after.

Translated by Bon-chan & edited by Mich.

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  1. Thanks for sharing.
    This is really awesome.
    I really like his personal and professional ethics, especially for being so young. But then, I guess, he has been in the industry for more then half his life. You have to grow up fast, ne?

  2. Thank you, Bon-chan and Mich.

    When I read his definition of loneliness, I know I am getting old ;)

  3. untouchable_girl says: Reply

    I really enjoyed reading this! Thanks for posting this :):)

  4. “…we were having a meeting about the outfits (for the concert), I said “Why isn’t this pink?””
    His love for pink exploded XD (but we probably all know just by watching yumemo PV or sth haha!)

    anyway otsukaresama! thanks for translating all of these! i saw a scan of the pages and could only make out the “i love women” part :p

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