[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2010.02.13


「Good Evening! This is Takizawa Denpajou’s Takizawa Hideaki! Recently, I went to the ramen restaurant that I haven’t been to in a while. The ramen restaurant that I’ve been going to for about a year now… the one that inspired the Yo! Iro-otoko corner…. I went there again recently. When I got there, (there was no one else in the restaurant so) it once again ended up being a one-on-one between me and the oyaji. To which I thought “Oh! This is going to be interesting~”

And then came the tsuke-men that I always order. The oyaji kept looking at me and when he finished making the tsuke-men, he handed it to me in a way as if he was saying “Okay, Enjoy.” The mood was definitely different from what it normally is (laughs). “This is weird” I thought and when I glanced at the tsuke-men broth, I realized that there was an egg in it. In that restaurant, they never serve eggs with their ramen. It’s the kind of restaurant that would definitely never add in an egg, unless it’s ordered as a topping.

“This is really strange…” I thought and suddenly, the oyaji went off somewhere to get some pocket tissues… cute pocket tissues with characters on them (laugh)… and said “Here you go~” as he handed them to me. He was clearly being nice. Then I thought “What the heck is going on… This is kinda creepy…”

And usually speaking, when you finish eating tsuke-men, you get a refill of broth and then you finish by drinking the broth. Normally, I would never do that. And at this restaurant, if you don’t ask for a refill, they won’t give it to you. But he was being really nice and was like “Oh~ Do you want a refill? Let’s get you a refill?”

After saying “the second refill is the most delicious,” he refilled my bowl with a lot of broth. The oyaji who never talks was clearly acting weird… the oyaji who would never even say “Thank you.” Just from that, I felt like I was being given VIP treatment (laugh). Did something happen?! Could it be that he has finally noticed (that I am Takki)? Or did another customer point it out to him? I dunno the truth behind it. But if he has finally noticed this and he is doing these kinds of things… then I think this oyaji is really bureta. Well, maybe they changed the restaurant’s menu or system. But I thought it was weird when he put an egg in my ramen. Although… the “egg” topping IS written on the menu signboard… So I don’t really know what it is (that’s causing the weird behavior). That’s why I’ll try to go there again… and if I go there again, I’d like to talk to him. 」

(BURERU means to be blurred. I’m not really sure what he means here, but I’m guessing that he’s laughing at the oyaji for being so *BLUR* hahaha~ I mean, the oyaji is only realizing NOW that the beautiful and quiet guy who’s been visiting to his restaurant for over a year now…is Takizawa Hideaki XD)


Listener :
Today, I got an oil change at the gas station. At that time, I was recommended with things like “You should change your regulator,” and “You should flush this,” and “You should get an automatic fluid change too.” Unable to say no, I ended up saying “Yes please.” In the end, it costed me double as much as what I had earlier expected. When Tono goes to a shop, do you allow yourself to decline offers that are recommended to you?

Tono :
Ah~ I see. This happens to me too. You go there initially for only an oil change, but in the end, you end up being told that you need this and that done and it comes down to a huge total. But they did it already, so I guess it can’t be helped. At that time, I would of course pay for it all. But to refuse an offer? I think it’s okay to do so. Just say “No thanks.” If you say it ponderously and apologetically, they’ll say “No no, but—”

But if you simply say “Ah, no thanks” then they’ll think “Ah, okay.” When you think that you can’t decline the offer(s), I think it’s fine to just simply say “No thanks.” Un~ when you really believe that it’s not right, then you SHOULD say no. (Especially when) they use technical terms and you don’t understand what you’re being told.

Listener :
Tono, are there things that you always find yourself losing? By the way, for me, I always lose ear-picks. Ear-picks are essential for me, but before I realize it, they’ll all be gone. I probably have some at home but it’s annoying how I can never find them.

Tono :
Ahhh~~~ For me, it’s cotton swabs. After I open the package, I’ll use them. But then I’ll leave it somewhere (and forget about it) and/or I’d buy a new pack. And then there’s my lip cream. Un~ I haven’t used it at all. Although, it can happen to a lot of things. I’ll receive an ear-pick and I’ll think “Oo~ I’ll use this!” but I’ll end up not using it and use cotton swabs instead.

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  1. Thanks bon-chan for this fun translation.

    Btw, I am with Tono for preferring cotton swabs. Do you remember when, on some TV program, he lay down with his head on some girl’s thigh. She was about to use an ear pick on him and he jumped up like a rabbit before she could?

  2. oh ya~~ he was making THAT kind of sound then!!! lol~~~

    i prefer ear picks though. and i think it’s good advice, the way to say “no, thanks” so that they won’t bother you again.

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