Summary of 3.28.2009 Denpajou

before the Denpajou translation… i found a bit more info about the short video clip. When they thought they hit something, Takki got out of the car to check. But no one or nothing was there. Takki got back into the car and was about to drive off when they saw a splatter of blood on the windshield. And then there’s something about the close-up view of a ghost’s eye…

thats creepy ne~ i guess we’ll just have to wait until Mich + Kat are back from Takki-land to find out what really happened in the clip!

[Denpajou] 3.28.2009 – Opening Talk

「March 29th means that is my birthday ne. 27 years old! So this would be the second time that I’ve spent my birthday on this show?! Ne~ I absolutely dont remember what my birthday (on this show) was like last year. I have never actually received anything and there probably wont be anything special for this second birthday either.

but that was really fast ne! After i hit 20 years old, the years have been going by really quickly. Every year i would think “Does a year always pass by so quickly?”

Being 27 years old… things that i want?
What do i want… ah! i want a vacuum cleaner ne! The one that i have is broken ne. Maybe they way i’m using it is wrong? The nozzle on my vacuum cleaner keeps breaking. I replaced it with a second one and that one broke too. No matter how many times i’ve replaced the nozzle, it just keeps breaking, so i would really like to buy a new one ne~

and also, a pencil sharpener! I really like pencil sharpeners… sharpening a pencil is really fun ne~ I actually bought one not too long ago! Its made into an interesting shape so when i bought it, i thought “i wonder if it will work~” and as i thought, its hard to stick a pencil inside the sharpener. Its too bothersome and until now, i still havent been able to sharpen my pencils. Which is why i would like to buy another one.

This year, 27 is the age where i must become an adult. But i want to make it a wonderful 27th birthday! 」

Theres also a new corner called Yo! Iro-otoko! (Iro otoko means “sexy guy”)

They got the idea for this corner from Tono’s opening talk (in the February 21st Denpajou). On that day, Takki said that he often goes and eats ramen by himself. Apparently, theres a stubborn oyaji who works at the restaurant he usually goes to. When Takki went there recently, it was just him and the oyaji inside the restaurant (after the five other customers had left). Per usual, they wouldn’t talk to each other, so Takki thought “This is awkward… what am i going to do… oh well, it cant be helped” and decided to quietly finish his bowl of ramen. After he finished eating, he said to the oyaji “Gochisousama (thanks for the meal)~ How much is it?”

When their eyes met, the oyaji replied “Kakkoi ne. You’re a iro-otoko.” Having been to that restaurant for a little over a year now, the first thing that the oyaji says to him was (here Takki does a monomane of the oyaji) “Kakkoi ne. Iro-otoko da ne.” Takki felt really happy inside and made sure that he would talk about it in the next Denpajou.

Anyways, for this new Yo! Iro-otoko corner, listeners will tell Takki about certain incidents / things that make them feel that a guy is an “iro otoko.” (note: リ stands for Listener)

リ : Holding back tears
殿 : I think that men dont want to cry in front of other people. Even though i felt like crying at the Kakumei senshuraku, i held my tears back.

リ : Even though my grandfather won a Nobel prize, i didnt tell my classmates until after two school semesters.
殿 : I understand how you feel. When i entered Johnny’s, i didnt want to tell people about it immediately. I didnt want people to think that it was uncool so i didnt want to tell anyone until things were settled.

リ : Eating the entire fried shrimp, except for the tail.
殿 : i eat the tail. If my friend does eat it, i’d take it and finish it. I heard that theres a lot of nutrition in the tail. The oji-san at the teppanyaki restaurant told me to eat it too.

リ : i didnt manage to catch the train and ended up saying “What’s” in English.
殿 : I wouldnt say that? Rushing into a train is dame / not a safe thing to do in the first place. But when i went to America, it was fun saying things like “Aha…”

sore wa eigo jyanai jyan *LOL*

リ : No matter what genre of music it is, its always best when its live
殿 : i totally agree. It makes you feel like you’re actually there when you listen to live music. In my car, i like to put in and listen to a concert DVD.

(report translated from Chelsee-san’s blog and various BBS reports)

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  1. Thanks for sharing.
    Takki wants such mundane/practical things for his birthday…sweet.

  2. I thought Takki got his wish at the recent electronics show? Or has he broken the new one already? XD
    I wonder what on earth he does to break the nozzle?

    Thanks, this is fun to read. That video sounds like a horror movie clip…

  3. The vacuum cleaner’s nozzle in my house breaks easily too! xDD Takki’s still so sweet like a little boy, wanting a pencil sharpener, thanks for translating!

    can’t wait for enbujou report :DD

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