Takizawa Denpajou 2010.06.05

This part is from the Opening where Takki talked about producing his older sister’s wedding. Translated by nyanco, and edited by mich :)

Recently, Takizawa Kabuki ended, and usually after that, I would go on a trip abroad… but I’d like to tell you today about what I was doing.

So, after the final show, I honestly wanted to go, but one day, I received a call from my sister asking me to plan her wedding. That was so sudden!

Well, when my brother got married, I planned the details, music, video, and produced the entire wedding. And I called up friends and asked them to be staff. It was a real handmade wedding party. My sis was also there to help, so perhaps she thought she wants her family members and friends to do the same for her when she marries. So eventually she called me.

I thought there wouldn’t be enough time for the arrangement if I go on a trip abroad, so I couldn’t go. I’ve received a little more than a week off, and then I’m spending all (my time and effort) for her wedding… More than halfway through, I couldn’t help but think “Why do I care about other people’s happiness!” haha.

Anyway, I’m making a video with photographs of them from their childhood. And what else, ah, secretly I brought a video camera to approximately 50 people who have been their friends, or have been good to them. I recorded them saying “Congratulations!” and am editing them by myself. It’s not easy at all.

I’m writing the script too, like when we’ll have the cake-cutting, or having my sis read a letter to my mom at the end, etc…

And brides usually change her costumes during the wedding reception, but my sis demanded that she won’t do it, so I asked who’s going to do it then? My mom said she will do it ^ ^ hehehe. So I’m planning the bride’s mother’s changing costume corner in mid-flow for no special reason.

It will be a comical wedding, not an ordinary one. More like in Takizawa-family style! Anyway, I want to create a happy wedding together with everyone, so I’m working hard on it now. And I’d like to report to you more after the wedding, so please look forward to it.

Sou, I guess he’ll be telling us more in this week’s Denpajou! Tanoshimi~

7 Replies to “Takizawa Denpajou 2010.06.05”

  1. Thanks mich & nyanco. This was fun reading. So he planned an amusing wedding. How smart! So many weddings are so solemn and boring.

    Poor Takki, planning a wedding instead of taking a vacation abroad! But, he is a workaholic, even if there is a touch of self pity there.

  2. Thank you for this translation! I wonder what kind of wedding Takki would have. He would probably plan it himself too. I thought I recalled that he wanted his ceremony to be in Yokohama Stadium. Certainly is bizzare.

  3. Thank you nyanco and mich.

    I want to know the detail after wedding, so this week mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

  4. Thanks for the repo. I’m really envy with those who could participate in his sister’s wedding! I also want to know the details of the wedding ne, I think Takki must enjoy it~~ Haha, I’m thinking of if he will have an impulse to get marry after the wedding?

  5. Thank you nyanco&mich for denpajou report =)
    Takizawa is alway make people around his life happy.
    I’d like to be the one in Takizawa-Family so much 555+

  6. Mich, Nyanco,
    thank you for the translation. Otsukaresama!
    hope Takki will tell us how the wedding went.

  7. Poor thing he’s such a workaholic…not being able to take a well-deserved personal vacation after 2 straight-running butai’s in a row. But then again, I know he’d do anything for his family. ^__^ (esp. for his sister’s wedding) Lucky her. lol And ‘belated’ omedetou for his sister…kanpai!!!

    Where was Tono when I needed someone like that for my wedding? :P I could have hired him to do mine as my wedding coordinator. lol

    Thanks nyanco for your translation and mich for posting these translations and updates w/him w/Denpajou. I was wondering what he was doing during his ‘off’ days now that his butai is over.

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