[レポ] 新春滝沢革命 2010.01.01

The opening show started at 5pm, and ended at 7.55pm, with a 30 minute intermission in between the 2 Acts. Let’s start off with the general notes on the goods and theatre:

  • Fans received the 五円/ご縁 otoshidama from Takki again this year.
  • Fans who purchase more than 1500yen of CD/DVD at the booths will receive a mousepad.
  • Some pics of the goods have been posted on auction sites, and that includes the shopping bag, diary, pamphlet (inner page~*KYAA!*), clearfile, mirror and photosets A, B & C~*kakkoii!*
  • They were also selling a sticker calender (similar to last year’s). Except this year’s calendar is from April 2010 to March 2011 (and the pictures are so much nicer!! I’m glad that we get to have another Takki calendar again!).
  • There were tons of congratulatory flowers in the lobby because flowers given to Mori-san were also included in the display

Notes about the show:

  • Generally, the flow is rather similar to last year’s.
  • This year, the role of Yuki-hime is played by Aoki Nanako.
  • The “Kiseki” opening 3D flying has been removed…
  • There is no 3D flying during the underwater scene too… which also means theres no fish/seahorse balloon fetching… v___v
  • Fans said that Takki was as *kirakira* and kakkoi as he normally is, but noticed that he seemed even manlier than he was last year.
  • There is a new song and a new dance… no one knows what it’s called yet. But someone said that it did remind them of Takki’s “Circle” performance from the Jr days.
  • In the Save the Princess! scene, Hideaki came running from behind the 1F audience seats, on the runway between the #23 and #24 seats. He ran towards the stage, stopped briefly next to Row C and jumped on stage.
  • No changes were made to the bungee jump except that there were no more backflips. Maybe because Takki once said that his head hurt after the flips?
  • People are still confused by the storyline, but this year, they took a little bit of time to actually explain the conflict between Hideaki’s crew and Darth Vader Nikki’s crew lol.
  • Mori-san’s voice was used as the female voiceover for the letter-reading scene.
  • No one stood during Showtime… zannen~
  • During the last curtain call, Takki came out with a cream-colored towel wrapped around his shoulders. When he took the towel off, everyone realized that he was actually wearing his Takiranger Tshirt! He was also wearing a pair of black & white checkered pajama shorts and black sandals and said “Don’t hate me ok?” (not sure what he meant by that, but it’s cute!)
  • As always, there were fans who stayed behind and waited for Takki’s car after the show. There was a lady staff who came and made the first two rows of fans sit on the ground, while the third row was allowed to stand. When Takki came out, he was wearing a leather jacket, black cap, and black glasses. He smiled and waved to the fans before getting in the car.


Content / Spoilers:

  • There were noticeable changes made to the opening. The taiko drums and the yukiyoe designs shown on the bg screens made it seem more “Japanesque.” Many people said that at the beginning, they thought they were actually watching Enbujou.
  • When the curtains were lifted, Hideaki appeared in his Chinese mask-changing costume and on a lift in the middle of the stage (very Enbujou-ppoi). But unlike previous performances, this time the mask-changing was done backwards… Usually, he would come out with a mask on and peel them off before revealing his face, but this time, he appeared without a mask on and magically made masks appear over his face.
  • Takki kamikami’d a few times today… first kamikami was during the ship scene in Act 1 when Taisuke and the Princess were leaving. Takki tried to say “Ki wo tsukete ike” (Go and be careful) but said “Ki wo tsune…” The second kamikami was in Act 2. As Hide-jiji sat down on the bench, he was supposed to say “Born in 1982, March 29th” but instead he said “1998… ah, 1990… ah! 1982” XD
  • When Nikki-san and the Jrs came out to perform a song, Hideaki was in the back, wearing a white shirt, black suit, and a hat. The female dancers around him were acting as hostesses, serving him “alcohol” in a masuzake (small wooden box used as a sake cup)
  • In the Miracle World underwater scene, Nikki-san made neta about his name like “Takozawa-san” (tako meaning octopus) and “Danwashitsu Takizawawa” (the name of one of the Denpajou corners). Similar to last year, Hideaki and two other Jrs jumped through the water display – this time, it was Hideaki, ABC-Z’s Hasshi and Kis-my-ft’s Tama-chan.
  • Unlike last year, the last battle scene was done in the rain (again, very Enbujou-ppoi). But Hideaki was SOAKED before the free fall, which made fans worry that he might slip on his way up the free fall platform, not to mention the fact that he also stands on the edge of the platform before he actually jumps.
  • The highlight of Act 2 was the scene where the Jrs came out and did the Thriller~ Yes, last year, Hide-jiji would only watch from the side, but this year, everyone danced! Budoukan’s Sengu-kun played Michael Jackson and Hide-jiji did the Thriller (without throwing out his hip or back XD) from the left side of the stage~
  • In the scene where they returned to the present, a shirtless Takki appeared on the bg screen. They also showed a VTR from the Jinsei Kakumei rehearsals (Takki had a hige and was very kakkoii~)
  • For Showtime, Takki performed Hikari Hitotsu, Warui Otoko, Shalala, Kamen Budoukan (with Nikki-san) and Epilogue (with Nikki-san). During Hikari Hitotsu, there was a glass motif set up on stage and they also used the water display, so it was very Ryuzaki-ppoi~ For Warui Otoko, Takki took off took off his suit to reveal a black shirt (unbuttoned to where u could see his glistening chest diessssss), white vest, white hat and a red belt. Lucky for us, there’s also some hip swinging in Warui Otoko!! During Epilogue, Nikki-san introduced Takki as his “close friend” (which was a really nice thing to hear from a dai-sempai like him). However, there was a bit of a technical problem… Takki’s mic was switched off or something? and the audience couldn’t hear the first two phrases of Takki’s part. He did have a slight “Eh??” look on his face, but he remained calm and just kept singing~ At the end, he also apologized for the mistake. Sasuga Takki~
[レポ] 新春滝沢革命 2010.01.01

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  1. Otsukarechan~ Bon & Mich
    Thanks for the translation as well as the 1st hand news of the goods pictures as well as the difference of the show! Love u both! *chu*

  2. Thank you very much for the great report.
    I wish I could go to the show!
    I’d love to get a shopping bag. Any idea how to get it?

  3. Thanks Bon and Mich. This is super! A wonderful detailed description of the show.

    I liked looking at the goods. I think they are lovely this year, I like that gold design. I have never heard of Aoki Nanako (probably a theater performer) but she looks cute.

    Wish I were there!

  4. Bon and Mich, thank you so much for the translations and pics of the goods!
    I look forward to more personal stories from the show!

  5. mich, what cds and dvds can be bought at the venue?

    gee, as how i see the photos of the goods, it’s good to have 2 copies of each item like the bag, the mirror, diary and clearfile. money money money.

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