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[レポ] 新春滝沢革命 2010.01.04 ~ 2010.01.10

Bon-chan here~

After the opening day, people don’t really blog about the shows in detail… so there’s not a lot of info for us to report. Which is why we’ve decided to squish last week’s info into one post. Unless there is a lot to say about an upcoming show, we’ll probably continue to translate and post the reports in batches. kore kara mo yoroshiku~



  • Boku dake no Madonna & Yukinojo Henge co-star, Shimada Kyuusaku-san, came to watch the show and even blogged about it, saying that he bathed in “Takijiru” XDDD
  • He visited Takki after the show and asked if it’s alright diving from such a height, higher than Enbujo’s. But Takki said that for his concert (Takisamacon), the dive was even higher.
  • Kyuusaku-san said Takki looked genki :)
  • Adlib from the smoking scene between Hidejiji and Nikkijiji:

    錦:*looked at Hidejiji’s last cigarette as if he wanted to take a smoke too*
    秀:YOU? lol
    錦:*dropped cane*
    秀:*bent over to pick it up and the bench tipped forward*
    秀:Things are dangerous today… lol

  • Shimoneta from the catch-ball scene between Hidejiji and Nikkijiji:

    錦:*placed the baseball between his crotch* The ball is big…
    秀:*turned his head away from the audience and laughed*
    錦:No, I didn’t mean your ball
    秀:I didn’t even say anything!


  • They changed the position of the piano during Hidejiji and Nikkijiji’s duet. Hidejiji’s back was facing the audience so the fans couldn’t see him play.
  • Takki wasnt wearing a “PIP Elekiban” on his arm during the night show. BTW, for those who dont know wtf that is lol… according to the site, its a kind of magnet therapy that is used to stimulate blood circulation and relieve stiff muscles.


  • During the smoking scene, Hidejiji sudden stopped and said “I wonder why we always say ‘sumimasen’ whenever someone lights a cigarette for us… I suddenly thought about this just now lol.”


  • There were 22 stage photos added to the goods list (which includes Takki in the Takiranger t-shirt and towel during the curtain call on 1/1, and a 2-shot of Takkijiji and Nikkijiji~)


  • At the end of Act 2, everyone waved at Hidejiji when he flew past the audience on the 2nd floor. Usually, he’s not supposed to respond to any of it, but today, he kept his arms by his sides as he slightly and secretly waved back lol
  • During the ending speech, Takki said “Jinsei Kakumei has started already and even though I have to appear in two shows a day, I think I was given a really good opportunity.”


  • During the underwater palace scene, Nikki-san came out wearing a knit hat with a pom pom on top and said that it was a “Manager’s cut” type of hairstyle. Takki fell on his knees and bent over laughing. He tried to get up and put on a straight face, but he couldn’t help cracking up again after seeing how silly Nikki-san looked in his hat.
  • Prior to doing the Thriller, the letter from his mom had accidentally fallen out of Hidejiji’s pocket. When it came time for Hidejiji to pass the letter to Nikkijiji, he felt his coat pockets and realized that the letter was missing…

    秀:Tegami ga nai! (There’s no letter!)
    秀:it must’ve fallen out somewhere
    錦:Shall we look for it together?
    錦:(We’re supposed to be years into the future) The staffs aren’t here anymore!

    In the end, Hidejiji had to walk over to the side of the stage to retrieve another letter from staff-san.

[レポ] 新春滝沢革命 2010.01.04 ~ 2010.01.10

5 thoughts on “[レポ] 新春滝沢革命 2010.01.04 ~ 2010.01.10

  1. Thanks Bon & Mich,

    This is simply funny n entertaining! *hugs both!* Everything is so funny and natsukashii, I cant wait to go now.. =p

  2. Bon san and Mich san

    You always report about butai.


  3. Thanks Bon & Mich. This is very amusing.

    Glad his former co-stars come see his show, and that Shimada Kyûsaki said he looked genki. I hope he doesn’t find to often the need for a “PIP Elekiban”.

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