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シャ・ラ・ラ CD Jacket

Zoomin Saturday, Mezamashi, and the major newspapers showed pictures of the CD jackets this morning!! Avex and J-Net have updated with the jackets too~!

Takizawa Hideaki 2nd solo single Jacket
(picture credit : Y!A Japan)

Oh… my… KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~ this is probably my favorite CD Jacket ever!! He looks absolutely… i cant even think of the right word to describe how (*__*) he looks!! Though when i look closely at the picture, it looks like they tripled the size of Takki’s right chikubi with that spot of black paint XD

i cant really read what the rest of the article says, but the highlighted part says that the body painting took about 2 hours to do. Takki also wrote the lyrics for YOU Yacchainayo! and like HOME PARTY! it’ll be a comical song.

シャ・ラ・ラ CD Jacket

11 thoughts on “シャ・ラ・ラ CD Jacket

  1. *THUD*

    Best art I have seen lately!

    The body painting probably would have taken only 1/2 hour if Takki weren’t so ticklish. Or the artist made sure she dragged the session out as long as she could….

  2. 原来彩绘师也是很有前途的职业啊

  3. kakoiiiii…..
    im really feel glad to order all.. ^^
    aah,,is it the jacket D one only for people live in Japan???
    i want~~~

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