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[レポ] 新春人生革命 2010.01.09 ~ 2010.01.10

It’s Bon-chan again~

I hope these back and forth reports between Takirev and Jinsei aren’t confusing anyone… because even I get confused sometimes, especially when the dates are all over the place lol Anyway, this report only has info from the 9th and 10th because I want to start the next Takirev and Jinsei batches on the same day (2010.01.11). If that even makes sense… XD



    Theres not much to report since it was a Saturday and people mostly talked about Denpajou… but I found a Mis Snow Man fan blog that wrote about the setlist. Dunno if its completely accurate, but at least it gives us an idea of what it’s like.

    Act 1

  • Mori-san appeared, sitting in a man basket that was lifted 7 meters from the ground (this is the Mori-san’s take on “flying”). Sings Jinsei Kakumei.
  • Mori-san recited her opening speech as the themesong from her famous play “Hourouki” was played in the bg.
  • Takki made his appearance from behind Mori-san (as shown in WS clips).
  • The stage curtain lifted, revealing the set (a tall flight of stairs).
  • Takki performed Ai Kakumei.
  • Kakumei Overture. “The Pirates within the Forest.”
  • Hideaki’s rope stunt.
  • Hideaki’s crew departed down the river by boat. ONE NIGHT (?)
  • Mori-san appeared on a small boat. Nikki-san stood at the front of the boat.
  • Hideaki’s crew had reached the sea. Encountered pirates and the whale (Protector of the Seas).
  • Ryuuguujou (or the underwater palace scene).
    Nikki-san on the left, Mori-san in the middle, Takki on the right.
  • Hikaru Chikurin (Bamboo forest of light LOL)
  • Yuki no Hi no Wakare (Farewell in the Snow).
    Chibi Hideaki appeared and was separated from his mother.
  • Taki no Shiraito (White Threads of the Waterfall). Flashback to a kabuki theatre in Kyoto. Mori-san was the zachou of the theatre. Hideaki was the son of Mori-san’s sister. She taught him her jyuuichiban.
  • Hideaki’s onnagata. Mori Shinichi-san’s song was playing in the bg.
  • Mori-san re-appeared when the song ended.
  • Hideaki warned Mori-san that someone was after her life.
    Something about a plan…
  • Battle. Hideaki appeared as onnagata again. The theatre was set on fire.
  • Act 2

  • Burnt down theatre in the bg.
  • The set was split open from the middle and Mori-san appeared, sitting on top of a tall staircase.
  • Sang and talked about her days as the theatre’s zachou.
  • Everything including the theatre came back to life.
  • Hideaki and Mori-san rode in a rickshaw through the streets of Kyoto.
  • Mori-san sang another ballad.
  • Letter reading scene between Hideaki, Nikki-san, AND Mori-san?? The reason why Hideaki was separated from his mother was revealed.
  • Finale. Mori-san performed her jyuuichiban “Ougetsuki.” Told Hideaki to remember that performance as his guidance and to continue his journey down the road of theatrical art.
  • Kakumei Finale. Hideaki sang Ai Kakumei~finale version~
  • Everyone sang Jinsei Kakumei.


  • Takki’s voice was hoarse at the beginning of Ai Kakumei, but it returned to normal almost immediately after the first phrase.
  • As he was preparing for the bungee jump, Takki’s mic was accidentally left on and the audience could hear a slightly muffled version of the conversation between Takki and staff-san.
  • When Mori-san said「女と男のLOVEと書いて、これはタッキーと私です」Takki had an adorable big grin on his face XD
  • During the Ryuuguujou (underwater palace scene), Nikki said “I saved your whale” and Mori-san replied “But it doesn’t mean that it’ll save you.” lol
  • During the same scene, Hideaki started giggling when he was caught between two Jrs who were dancing too close to him.
  • During Ougetsuki, the fans could hear him choking up several times.
[レポ] 新春人生革命 2010.01.09 ~ 2010.01.10

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  1. Thanks, Bon~ did nt intend to avoid spoilers this yr. haha.. this are all vy entertaining~~ Otsukaresamadeshita!

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