Oricon Charts Day 7~

One! ~ The History of Tackey ~ DVD
(Release Date: 23 Jan 2008)

Day 7: 28 Jan 2008

  • Rank on DVD Music charts: #2
Oricon Charts Day 7~

4 thoughts on “Oricon Charts Day 7~

  1. I’m a very recent fan of Takki actually.(late bloomer)haha. Heard of him when I was 14 (now 21) but japanese idols haven’t been hugely popularized in Malaysia. Probably it’s because of the language and culture, so we hardly have any news of them visiting my country b4! That’s sad! So, Michelle, I thank you so much for providing so much updated info on him. Since u live in Singapore, can I have have ur email contacts or MSN so I could get to know u better?Then you may perhaps share your knowledge and experience through all my queries. Thanks for your effort here once again!

  2. junichie~ i kinda have the same experience as u… first liked takki in 1999 but only became involved in the fandom in 2006, i blame it on the general distribution censorship (or watever it is called) of japanese dramas back in 2001? anyway, so glad that jdramas are finding their way back to shops recently (starting from late last yr!) too bad, takki haven’t been in any NORMAL drama recently, so the shelves in SG are still only selling his old dramas liks forbidden love, S.O.S. and antique! anyway, check ur email :D

  3. Holla, Michelle. I am surprised and excited to see a English Takki website!!! Are you from America? Like junichie, I am a recent fan of takki too~ Thar’s why I am not so familiar with Takki. Do you think you can tell me briefly what One! is about? I heard this show is created based on his early life!!

    I had a great time browsing your informative and well-organized site~ I’d totally come back more often!

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