Oricon Ranking: Shalala/Mugen no Hane – Day 2

Takizawa Hideaki – Shalala/Mugen no Hane (Release Date: 5/6)
Day 2 (5/5):
Rank: #1
Sales: 8,145
Cumulative: 17,260

Oricon Ranking: Shalala/Mugen no Hane – Day 2

21 thoughts on “Oricon Ranking: Shalala/Mugen no Hane – Day 2

  1. today is lower… :(

    just wish it will surpass 50,000 because tsuyoshi (kinki kids) latest single only got 44,000++, despite of always being a strong seller before. however, tsuyoshi only released two versions of the single and he also released an album at the same time, so it’s acceptable.

    now, i’m trying to stay away from any entertainment forum, people are talking about how weak takki’s sales right now… T___T

  2. Something is very wrong and I cannot figure out what it is. Mugen no Hane is seriously one of the best songs of the year IMHO and I don’t think I am being biased.

    There’s nothing much we can do except pray and hope and in my part, order another two singles and give them to my housemates. *sigh*

  3. This is really depressing. What happened? I agree about Mugen no Hane being such a good song. These results baffle me.

  4. 没人和我一样保持乐观态度吗?


    还有网店算首日还是首周,毕竟这次还有tackey shop这个特设网店。



  5. firstlove~ actually, first day sales for ai kakumei was 26,355 (i mean actual sales, but oricon used to report only a sample last time). it seems like the japanese fans are also in kinda the same state as us lol… some are trying to stay positive, but i think most are worried. actually, i think takki’s fiercest competition this week is his own kouhais. ironic ne… sigh… maybe it’s due to the economic crisis, plus the influenza flu, ppl aren’t really gg outside… *shrugs*

  6. Wow, I was expecting so much better considering Ai Kakumei did so well last time (~_~)
    What’s going on with sales?
    I know a lot of other JE groups have released stuff this past week (KATTUN, HeySayJump, News, etc), but still…
    I just ordered mine because of financial problems, but that’s still not near enough…
    Gambatte Takki!

  7. This has really depressed me. I do agree with you Mich (and Stephi) that probably Takki is competing against his own friends & kouhais.

    Maybe the jimusho should think a bit more carefully about when to release records. After all, they have everything to gain from strong sales of Takki’s as well as the others. Even if Takki is not the favorite among some at the jimusho’s, they would not cut off their nose to spite their face, I think.

    Going by the success of Ai Kakumei, I had expected this to do so well…

  8. hmm, the difference between other je groups vs takki = exposure rate kana… not only on the promotion campaign for the single, but on tv as well. without a drama or regular bangumi, exposure almost equals zero lol

  9. mich, that’s what pissing me off. always.
    you see, from jimusho’s side, there’s not much of takki on the common medias like TVs and main newspaper headlines. takki’s exposure is like 5%-10% compared to the fellow johnnys.
    then, from avex’s side, when t&t or takki release something, the promotion campaigns were very limited and reached small group of people. only God knows how much i was jealous and annoyed to see how other avex’s singers/groups to have much, much better treatment than t&t or takki.
    i wish jimusho and avex can do more for him.
    just give him a normal seasonal drama !!!

  10. 恩,我有点不知道该说什么了。T T
    突然很担心solo con的事,承诺了,但至今时间表还没有出来。虽然官网更新速度一直没什么可指望的,但场次的多少是不是也会需要参考销量呢。



  11. love~ ya, i was so envious when i saw kattun posters all over the train station walls, pillars, and even on the floor, as though paper and printing were free LOL. it’s impossible not to know that they’re releasing something ne. and kinki kids billboard, music truck, pv on building screen etc… we just dun get such things with takki or t&t. it’s a vicious circle. they think takki won’t sell much so it’s no use promoting? then his sales will just get worse and worse right… hmm, but like what first love said, he’s worked hard, we’ve worked hard. some things are just out of our control.

    first love~ i also heard that the sales this time might affect the solocon, and future releases, not only for takki but t&t too. but no matter what happens this time, i wish he’ll have a normal drama this year! being on tv can really help, like venus or kamen, i think a large part of the success is due to exposure on tv – an entire year of yoshitsune, and there’s zubari too ne. ahh… gomen,我也语无伦次地说了一堆。haha~ 看今天的销售怎样吧~

  12. my only theory is, maybe its Golden Week. Lots of people are out of town on holiday, maybe they decided to wait till they got back home to buy it. Or they don’t know its out yet because they haven’t been to their local stores.

    All I know is the advertisements in the Shibuya Tsutaya were HUGE (haha but they didn’t get my sale, HMV did cause they take my credit card)

  13. Yah, it was raining the whole time so my expensive camera stayed firmly under locks, but my flatmate had hers out, so maybe I’ll gank that photos and upload them sometime

  14. want to see the huge advertisements。XD

    听说,5号,有日饭去买cd,被告知初回已经sold out了



  15. wanna see the huge promos too~
    sanada_usako, yoroshiku!

    first love~ loli?
    也许吧⋯⋯ 一起努力吧!

  16. golden week ended yesterday… and the sales today is HAPPY !!!

    at least a relief for me now…^^
    the past 2 days have been scary and worrisome… LOL

  17. yea~ *fangirl hug* i just posted about it! it’s the first time that sales on day 3 (or 2 even) is higher than day 1. almost couldn’t believe my eyes~~ i thot i was seeing wrong stats, and had to refresh the page again to make sure fufu~~

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