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Oricon Ranking: Takizawa Kakumei DVD – Day 5

Takizawa Kakumei DVD (Release date: 3/10)
Day 5 (3/13)
Music DVD chart: #2
Overall DVD chart: #8


I just received the tracking no. from You-chan, and Singpost actually sent the package to my office on Saturday! But the office was closed, so it’s a failed delivery… And if I request for a re-delivery, the earliest they can send it is on Wednesday! What’s the use of paying for EMS if it’s gonna take 6 days to reach me! Baka Singpost!!! I want my DVDs!! >.< [Yatta! I’ve gotten the package!!! XDD Called up Singpost first thing this morning and they resent to my office~XDDD]

Oricon Ranking: Takizawa Kakumei DVD – Day 5

2 thoughts on “Oricon Ranking: Takizawa Kakumei DVD – Day 5

  1. How frustrating! But the same thing happened to me with our dumb Post Office. EMS only works till it gets to your country, after that, hope for the best!

    That’s why I am sticking with amazon [I know that in this case, it was different, being Tackey shop stuff]

    I hope T. Kakumei can still make #1 for the week!

  2. hehe… this time i had to make 2 calls to singpost, but it turned out fine! they sent it on the postman and i think he dropped by first thing in the morning! XDDD if not for tackey shop charms, i’d definitely have gone with amazon :)

    hmm, i’m worried about the overall charts now. the music chart’s top spot shud be quite secured… kana.

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