Oricon Ranking: Takizawa Kakumei DVD – Week 1

Takizawa Kakumei DVD (Release date: 3/10)
Week 1
Music DVD chart: #1
Overall DVD chart: #2

Sales figure: 20,278

weekly charts

Takirev DVD is #1 in the Music DVD weekly charts!! おめでとう〜★

4 Replies to “Oricon Ranking: Takizawa Kakumei DVD – Week 1”

  1. No.1!!!~
    This is one of his birthday presents given by fans~

  2. Congratulations! I wish it will also have good results in week 2!

  3. Well, I am glad he made it!

    The unavoidable Arashi is hot in pursuit, but it is an accomplishment to be first. I hope those sales keep up.

  4. Glad for Takki! ^^

    My DVD is arriving either today or tomorrow. Can’t wait to watch it. ;DD

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