Drama SP 「告知せず」 (2008)

Finally~~ it’s official!!! Just when I was about to go to bed~ Thanks, nyanco! ^^;

Takki’s new drama SP is called “Kokuchisezu” and will be aired on TV Asahi some time this year. The actual air date isn’t known yet. This will be his first role as a doctor!

The story is based on an essay by Ohara Kenshiro called “Oretachi wa kazoku” (We are family). A surgeon played by Watari Tetsuya-san (Kiyomori-sama in Yoshitsune ^^;) often tells his patients to fight to the end when he notifies them of their illnesses. But when his wife (played by Takahata Atsuko) is diagnosed with cancer of the small intestines, he’s at a loss. Takki plays his son, a houseman, who also knows about his mother’s illness. Both father and son find it difficult to inform their loved one about her illness.

Some news reports:
The Television | Chunichi Sports | Sanspo | Daily Sports Online | Sponichi Annex

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13 Replies to “Drama SP 「告知せず」 (2008)”

  1. oh, my god!oh, my god!!!!!!!!!

    can’t believe my eyes, finally some news confirmed for Tono. i am beyond excited now, can i give you a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig kiss mich? Thank you so much for the news.

  2. BTW, is it okay if i spread the news??

  3. untouchable_girl says: Reply

    YOSHHHHHH!!!!!!! So happy to hear it!!! XD

    Omedetou Takki on the role.
    It’s different for him ne, playing a doctor.
    I’m sure he’ll make a great one.
    Takki in a white doc’s coat, stethescope etc = kakkoii.
    Thanks for the news Mich and nyanco!

  5. wont it be nice to see him in those black spec too! kekeke.. kawaiii.. XDD

  6. WAW !!!!!!

    finally !!!!

    we can see taki act again…..

    hufff it’s been a longtime….

    my heart kinda little jmping when i read your post…hohohohohoho

    thanks for the news….

    *clap hands*

  7. yup… i’m so happy for this even i was (and still am) hoping for a 11/12 episodes long drama of him… i think i just need to settle for this SP at the moment… ganbatte, my hide-kun!!!

  8. kyaa!! Takizawa sensei!! I can’t wait to see it * D *!!
    it’s a pity that it will be just a SP drama u , u I want a season Tono’s drama

  9. It’s not just a SP drama, it’s a Tv Asahi’s 50 years anniversary special drama. It’s a big deal.
    “Satomi hakkenden” was TBS’s 30 years anniversary drama. “Kimiga kureta Natsu” was also 24 hour tv’s 30 years anniversary drama.
    All the broadcasting companies (can) hire takki when they have a big budget for their biggest events. :)

  10. Thanks Michelle, for all the info. And Nyanco, I appreciate your clarification. That is a bid deal indeed. I am delighted he gets chosen for those special occasions. Clearly he is appreciated, if he isn’t the biggest box office draw.

  11. What I wrote is not very clear. I meant he is appreciated in spite of not being the biggest etc…

  12. yayyy!!
    but I really wanted to see takki-chan in a light dorama, a romance/comedy one XD

  13. miya, you are not the only one. But if you look back, he has been in rather few light romance/comedy doramas: Boku no Madonna and? Antique & News no Onna (very early) are comedies, but not romances…SOS fell somewhere in between. Romeo & Juliet was a romance, but not light comedy, if not very heavy drama. Sigh…

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