Kokuchisezu Premiere Media Reports

[Update: Added Super Morning & Wide Scramble]

Yay~ It was shown on the morning news today!! I’m gonna miss the afternoon news but at least I’ve caught the ones on Yajiuma Plus. In the first clip, they focussed more on Takki. He was asked about the drama. They also talked about Takki & Tacchi, the “new unit” :) So funny~ Tacchi said that he only appeared in that one scene of the drama, why is he campaigning from Hokkaido to Kyuushuu!! LOL!

Kokuchisezu Premiere - Takki and Tacchi

Then for the 2nd clip shown about an hour later, the focus was more on Watari-san and Tacchi. But they had more information on the Bullet Tour and showed how Takki & Tacchi travelled by airplane from Sapporo (which was snowing) to Fukuoka on 4th Nov. They also showed a few seconds of footages from those venues. Then they took bullet train on 5th Nov to Osaka, then to Nagoya, and finally reached their “Goal” at Tokyo XD

Kokuchisezu Premiere - Takizawa Hideaki, Tachi Hiroshi, Takahata Atsuko and Watari Tetsuya

Super Morning also carried reports on the premiere ne. Some really nice visuals shots of Takki here, although they are super short footage. Since they had cameras while they were travelling, probably the footage will be included in the DVD? *prays*

Kokuchisezu Premiere on 4th and 5th November

Wide Scramble also carried footage, many good visuals of Takki here again!! And we have him telling us where’s the next destination! Haha~ They also showed a couple of shots of audience’s crying.. Ahhh, I can’t wait to watch the drama!!!

Kokuchisezu Premiere shown on Wide Scramble

And here are some newspaper reports.

From Sponichi Annex:





From Hochi:






From Sanspo:






From Nikkansports:



I’ll come back and edit this post later ne, but for now, maybe I’ll take a short nap, then prepare to leave for work :)

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  1. Michelle, this is great! Do you ever sleep, or, just “a short nap”?
    You have really been keeping up with everything.

  2. simone~ in the end, i couldn’t get back to sleep! but it’s Fri so i’ll have more time to sleep tonight haha!

  3. yajiuma (digest): view / dl mu or mf (28.92mb)
    super morning: view / dl mu or mf (16.13mb)

  4. XD thanks mich! *muack* both takki n tacchi expression is so funny when they talk about the new unit! lol.. n although tacchi was tired, he still joke n catch food in the air.. XDD.. i’m so looking forward to the drama.. n also u capture vy nice screen shots of our Dr. Takizawa ne~love the red singlet one ^^ ほんとにありがとございます。

  5. Ah… thanks by media!!!

  6. Thank you mich. I can’t stop scream T[]T. I like Tono’s smile very very much. Long time he not have neko’s smile like this.He’s happying ne~ . I’m happy too.

  7. wide scramble: view / dl mu or mf (25.76mb)

  8. Thanks for sharing all the news.

  9. hi mich, thanks for the d/load ne…hugs

  10. evergreenoflife says: Reply

    Oh man he is so cute XD Thanks for the clips!! I can’t wait for the drama!

  11. Do you happen to have this vid clip by any chance, Mich? *onegai* I’d love to see this since you’re talking about all this…can’t wait to see.

    Takki looks good there in these screenies too. And he’s in a bus…kyaaaa~!! (so cute da pic) ^_^

    Can I borrow these screenies from you again, onegai? I’m still writing a little entry on my blog about this dorama too. Plez let me know…thanks~

  12. Nevermind, gomen…I see the clips for d/l now. Thanks!

  13. michelle… ur great to keep up with this…

    thanx a millions for ur efforts..

  14. Thanks for all of these…….

  15. Thanks a bunch Mich! and thanks for staying on top of this for everyone ^^

  16. thanks a bunch

  17. thank you very much for always!!!

  18. thank you for sharing all these clips!

    takki’s smile is so cute!!!

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