KYAA!! Takki will be on TFP2!!!!

Takizawa Hideaki and 120 Johnnys Jrs will be on next week’s episode of Tokyo Friend Park II (9/20, 7pm @ TBS). Sugoi ne! 120 juniors!!!!! But KYAAAAA~~ Takki looks so cute holding the green TFP2 mascot soft toy!!!! I can’t wait to watch the show next week~ TFP2 is always so fun! XDDD At least Takki will appear on TV once before Takizawa Kabuki DVD is released, although I hope he’ll appear more~

Tokyo Friend Park 2

Download from MF (1.15MB, 14s)

As I couldn’t make it back home in time, Irene helped me with the recording~ arigato!!! *CHU* I really hope someone will record next week’s TFP2 in good quality…

KYAA!! Takki will be on TFP2!!!!

6 thoughts on “KYAA!! Takki will be on TFP2!!!!

  1. hahaha…CAN even 120 Jrs fit in a studio. lol Can’t wait to view this at home. Thanks for sharing! (and thanks Irene in helping w/the recording ♥)

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