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[Scans] Best Stage 04/2009

Although I don’t kyaa over Takirev as much as I do over Enbujo, this particular show (the regular senshuuraku on 27th January 2009) was saikou! Tono flying towards us during the opening Ki.se.ki, the entire bunjee segment happening in front of us, that “Home Party!!” encore performance etc etc… But the best part of that show was during “Kamen Butoukai”, when the original Shonentai (Nikki, Higashiyama, and I-can’t-remember-his-name *gomen*), Takki & Koichi performed it together. We were all so HIGH then! I really hope that this will be on DVD but I don’t think so (most likely they’ll use the HSJ! one from the special dvd recording show instead?).

Takizawa Hideaki in Takizawa Kakumei and Takizawa Enbujo 2009 Takizawa Hideaki in Takizawa Kakumei and Takizawa Enbujo 2009

That’s why the first page above is so precious to me =D

Thanks, KAT, for the scans! ^^

[Scans] Best Stage 04/2009

5 thoughts on “[Scans] Best Stage 04/2009

  1. Thanks for the scan, Kat and Mich.

    It is always nice to see pics of Tono at work.

    Ya I also hope “Kamen Butoukai” will make it into dvd. It will be quite a waste not too.. but..

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