[Scans] TV Guide 2005.09.09

Tono will be on the cover of both Best Stage and Look at Star May 2010 issues. Both issues are released on 27th March 2010. In Look at Star, there’ll a be crosstalk with Yara, and another with ABC-Z. That’s all the Takki Tidbits we have for now.

On to the goodies for today. Yet another Yoshitsune cover :)

tvguide050909-01.jpg tvguide050909-02.jpg tvguide050909-03.jpg tvguide050909-04.jpg
tvguide050909-05.jpg tvguide050909-06.jpg tvguide050909-07.jpg

8 more days ~♥

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  1. 1,500,000 Hit Congrtulations!!

  2. oh! i didn’t notice that!! thanks~ XDDD

  3. Tono is so handsome and photogenic. I really like the cover, and his eyes on the 6th picture just make me melt!

  4. I really love the cover pic! Thanks for sharing the magazine to us!

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