[Scans] TV Pia 2007/03/28

Yosh~ Finally!!! A NON-TAKIREN post!!!

I decided to reconnect my scanner yesterday, and scanned the 3 TV mags that I bought on Friday. First off is TV Pia — 2 pages of interview plus 1 page of Romeo & Juliet SP.

tvpia20070328-01.jpg tvpia20070328-02.jpg tvpia20070328-03.jpg

Enjoy~~ ^_^

One down, two to go…

3 Replies to “[Scans] TV Pia 2007/03/28”

  1. romeOoooooooo *heart* *heartttt*
    mm.. y juliet look like that! like an Obachann [espeacielly the small pic on top][y they chose this pic 4 her [feel sorry 4 masami chan ne][i bet she use all the luck when she got to play juliet w/ takki ^^]
    is she the girl 4m nadasousou??
    thank you 4 the scans ^^
    take it easy on takiren post ne

  2. yeah…they should’ve used a better pic for her. lol After all, she IS the lead role playing w/Takki ne? ‘Tis ok…better for me anyway. lol :p j/k LOVIN’ the 1st two pics of Takki tho!!!! *melts* O_O Soooo dreamyyyy the way he’s in that white suit w/jeans. Niiiice~ ^_~

  3. wah so clean and white..romeo (= lovely.
    tv pia…tsk …still thinking of the tv pia mag i cnt get on time…strikes a chord in my heart evry nw n then..sighhh..

    hmm,thx fr the scans!!!

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