Some re-uploads

I’ve re-uploaded some files I could find on this comp.

The rest of my files should be in my other hdd which isn’t with me now, or in some discs lying some where in my pig sty. I’ll go through and re-upload more files soon.

Some re-uploads

4 thoughts on “Some re-uploads

  1. Thanks a lot, Michelle~
    But can you upload the rest to MU?~ I don’t know what happen to MF~ Extremely slow~ Something wrong with my computer?~
    Also, I want to know when will the good lists of 新春人生革命 & 新春滝沢革命 be released?~ I want to ask someone to buy the goods for me ne~

  2. chanmonkey~ i’ll always try to upload to both MF and MU. but MU doesn’t always work for me… so it depends on luck :) i juz managed to get the one! stage report re-upped on MU. i’ll try to do so with the rest as well…

    as for the goods list, nothing is showing up yet. i guess about 2-3 days before the opening show? so perhaps give ourselves another 3-4 days?

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