Tackey X’mas Show 2018 ~with you and me~ schedule

These are possibly Takki’s final performances in showbiz, although it’s revealed on J-net that they are currently also planning for a special show that will happen within the year (which will be announced at a later date~).

5-6 December, 2018
[Tokyo] Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji @ Sho-oh
5 Dec (Wed) @ 17:30/18:30
6 Dec (Thu) @ 12:00/13:00 & 17:30/18:30

17 December, 2018
[Aichi] Hotel Nagoya Castle @ Tenshu
17 Dec (Mon) @ 17:30/18:30

20-21 December, 2018
[Tokyo] Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa @ Hiten
20 Dec (Thu) @ 17:30/18:30
21 Dec (Fri) @ 12:00/13:00 & 17:30/18:30

24-25 December, 2018
[Hyogo] Hotel Okura Kobe @ Heian
24 Dec (Mon/PH) @ 17:30/18:30
25 Dec (Tue) @ 11:00/12:00 & 16:30/17:30

26 December, 2018
[Hiroshima] RIHGA Royal Hotel Hiroshima @ Royal Hall
26 Dec (Wed) @ 17:30/18:30

So, the opening shows are in his hometown, Christmas will be in Hyogo and the all-last in Hiroshima ne. A total of 11 shows. Timings above are in the “start time of reception/start time of meal” format. FC balloting starts 19 Oct and tickets are priced at 43,000yen (including tax).

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  1. Hi there!
    FC Balloting is the only way to obtain these dinner show tickets?

    1. yes, i believe so…

  2. JC aka Porta Bella says: Reply

    Greetings. Is anyone going to catch his final performance? I am not a member of their fan club, how do I go about buying the ticket? Any help here is very much appreciated.

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