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Taki Channel #4

Part 2 of the Mis Snow Man dokkiri is up at Taki CHANnel now!!

Go watch!!! Takki really looked so fierce and scary when he talked to them and threw the wig down. The staff even said that he’s returned to the hotel Wahahahaha~~ Mis Snow Man kawai sou~~ And OMG they really cried!!! Wahahaha~

Taki Channel #4

6 thoughts on “Taki Channel #4

  1. I really hope he went and bought them some super delicious food afterwards, because they cried so much.
    Some jokes are really yarisugita……..

  2. i noticed Takki’s eyes were slightly red/watery when he saw them all crying… and they must have been really shocked to see him that angry coz usually he’s so kind to his kouhais lol~ my favourite part was when he threw the wig onto the ground, and told them to do as they please! wahahahaha~ even from the screen only, we can feel the tension! this is really the best episode so far~ made me laugh and cry at the same time lol!

  3. If I was a Jr fan, I’d actually appreciate this joke.
    Its not very often that we get to see this (emotional) side of Mis-snow-man…
    and now, we know and can actually feel how much they care about this job.

    Plus, a prank is not a good prank if its not executed perfectly… LOL
    Yoku dekita ne, Takki-senpai!

  4. Mich~ ya ya my fav part too.. hidoi na, I’m thinking! lol..when he keep saying “kawai sou” I know he must hv felt so sad for them too..

    Bon~ sou sou! Takki papa at work ne~ *beam*

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