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Takitsuba Updates~

Takki went to watch Tsubasa’s solocon yesterday~ Seems like he was sitting on the 2nd floor, wearing a brown grey hat with black spectacles, white inner, jeans, black boots, black jacket… He had a chain on his waist, and his hair was brown. But he didn’t go on stage. In any case, according to the magazine’s website, “Tackey & Tsubasa” will be on the COVER of the next issue of “Shuukan The Television” which will be released on 18th Feb (which is also Enbujo’08 DVD release day)!! Seems like it’s about the T&T calender, which I haven’t ordered yet lol~

Ah, I’d better email Kino now about the mag! Oh yes, there’s also Gekkan SONGS 3/2009 (also released on 18th Feb), which will have Takizawa Kakumei rehearsal and/or stage report, and Tsu’s concert stage report too.

And today is the release date of the 20th Century Live concert DVD. Seems like Takki in black framed specs is captured on that DVD! I have an unofficial pic of Takki when he attended this con. Ahh~ he looks so cute~ doing some stupid actions LOL!

Takitsuba Updates~

2 thoughts on “Takitsuba Updates~

  1. i havent place an order for the latest calendar and for Enbujo 08 DVD. harharhar! i will do that by next week. kinda short on okane these days.

    and, it’s good to know that they will grace on mag covers again. been ages since the last. hopefully, i will be lucky to have one copy of this magazine next week. im still sad that orisuta got out of stock in the speed of light. wah!

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