Takizawa Kabuki 2016 DVD

Takizawa Kabuki 2016 will be released on 14 September 2016. There will be two versions this time, Limited Ed. and Regular Ed.

Limited Edition (3DVD)
kabuki2016-LEList price: 9,720yen incl. tax
Comes with 52-page photobook

Disc 1: Act 1
Disc 2: Act 2
Disc 3: Document of Takizawa Kabuki 2016
Includes a cross talk between Takki and Miyake Ken, as well as behind-the-scenes from rehearsals all the way to senshuuraku

Pre-order @
HMV (clearfile C)
Amazon (clearfile F)

Regular Edition (2DVD)
List price: 6,480yen incl. tax

kabuki2016-REDisc 1: Act 1
Disc 2: Act 2
Bonus content – “Ukiyo Adesugata Sakura” (Ken & Takki version)

Pre-order @
HMV (clearfile C)
Amazon (clearfile F)


  • The “Ukiyo Adesugata Sakura” in the Acts 1 & 2  of both Limited & Regular Editions is the Takki only version
  • Acts 1 & 2 comes with Japanese subtitles
  • They are giving away clear files when you pre-order. There will be a total of 6 designs from the following shops: Tsutaya (design A), Tower Records (design B), HMV (design C), Shinseido (design D), Tackey Shop (design E), and others (design F). For us overseas fans, I think we can only go with Amazon or HMV. CDJapan‘s japanese counterpart, Neowing, offers the design F as well, but they do not ship overseas.

Clear file designs:


I’m really looking forward to this DVD as this was the only show since 2007 that I wasn’t able to watch live… Easy decision this time. Definitely LE for me! :)

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  1. omg people weren’t kidding when they said there were a million clearfiles..

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